Well, believe it or not, I also write very well (not bragging) stories, essays, even poems! So, I write them here in this fan world. You can say I'm a better writer than I am as a drawer (lol)

-Hope you enjoy reading! ^_^

Writer Self: Ha! I'm better than you!
Drawer Self: *crying* I tried my best. . .

The Radiant Sun and the Bright Star

I really, really love stars, that's why I made a story about them! It's also a love story, my most favorite genre! ^_^ Hope you like it! Note: Hoshi is the literal translation of star, while Taiyou is the literal translation of sun.
Once upon a time, there were two lovers named Taiyou and Hoshi. But it was forbidden, as they were from different worlds: light and darkness. Their love was cursed; they wouldn’t be able to see each other, even if they wanted to. Whenever Taiyou appeared, Hoshi disappeared, and when Hoshi was present, Taiyou wasn’t. The lovers missed each other very much. Taiyou lost his radiance, while Hoshi dimmed every night in loneliness. The world sank into darkness and sorrow without their bright sun and star. When Taiyou and Hoshi couldn’t take the sadness anymore, they pleaded to the Queen Sky for them to be with each other again. She saw how much they loved each other, so she granted their wish. She asked if Taiyou was willing to cross over to the darkness, and he agreed. In exchange to this, he became the moon, shining alongside Hoshi. This made her very happy that little bright stars shone around them. Hope came back to the people as the two lit up the sky.

At night, when the moon and stars are very illuminating, it is when Taiyou and Hoshi meet with each other, and their unending love glows in the darkness.