School Memories

I know most of us hate school, but the truth is school loves us. I didn't actually have prom yet, but I know it would make me very happy ^_^

Who would've thought that most of the happiest moments in your life happened at school?

Sure, most of us hate it because of homework, strict teachers, sometimes even bullies, and all the pressure it gave us; but school wasn't all bad. Everyday, you meet with your friends, talk about things you enjoy and laugh it off; you look at your crush and feel like your day's complete; and you do your best in subjects you love.

School gave us more than we expected: teachers who support you all the way, a crush that always gives you an inspiration, friends that never fail to encourage you, and a whole lot of others that plays a big part in your life.

We also experience many things at school: your first achievements that you would be proud of all your life, your graduation that you waited for such a long time, your prom that made you feel like your floating on clouds, and many more unmentioned that made you happy.

School is a weird but happy jungle, and it's full of challenges and obstacles. But you can only go through it once, so might as well enjoy it!