Haii!!! I see you have stumbled over my world. While your here try reading some of my random posts. My world doesn't fit in one specific category. The reason for this is I am too lazy to make 4 worlds. Feel free to comment on my posts!

Wanna color for me?

I've been lazy lately... I always finish the lineart but I never color it.... So anyone wanna color my lineart? You don't have to.... I'd like help though...(hint hint lol) PM me if you would like to ^^



Omg, People are reading my world!!!! (^∇^) I'm sooo happy!!! Well thank you guys!!! I know 215 isn't a lot of views but it's a ton for me^^.


Hanako's Profile

name-Hanako age-15 gender-Female height-erm...5'6 weight-90lbs apperance- Hanako has brown hair and blue eyes. She is always seen with a big, red clip in her hair. She usually wears her favorite color (red). lik...

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Finally finished!!!

Hey,Its Hime, Guess what??? I finally finished my drawing of a new OC!!!It looks different then my previous fan art but I think it looks nice! Tell me what you think!!! -Hime0U0 ...

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Fan art

Heyyy!!! Today looked at my portfolio and realized that I have depressing news... I barely have any art posted (。-_-。)... I only posted 3 pieces of art but I draw a lot and leave it in the corner of my desk (; ̄O ̄)I need to scan it up and color it because Im to lazy to color it traditionally... Any who, i am stuck in an art block... And I can't think of anything to draw (even though I about to draw one of alphonse13's OC's for fun...) any suggestions??? Thank you☆〜(ゝ。∂)

<3 Hime ☆〜(ゝ。∂)