Background credit to ~zygat3r(deviantart)

Nickname:Hiro_Masaki, 2Evolution

Been making stuff since 2002 and still kinda a noob at wallpapers since Sakura_Kokoro(my sister who brought me into this)has done this alot longer than me.

As you can see I'm a person with few words....but watch my creativity take over


Finally finished....


Hurray for 40th submission!


This wasn't suppose to be the first piece but looks like I changed my mind...enjoy! Also added my real signature for once...

Wacom Project1(W.I.P.)(Day 1)(Canceled)

Edit:Canceled Work

Ok I finally got me an Wacom Intuos4 Medium Tablet about several hours ago after work (took only 3 days from amazon with the super savings) and what I could say is this thing Rocks!! If you haven't used one and was thinking to buy one(only if you have about $315 to spend)...I would highly recommend one as it really helps with the wallpaper.

So far here's some pic of my work in progress:
Stock Scan
External Image
Without Scan(about 2-4 hours so far)
External Image
With both
External Image

Messing around with a signature..
External Image

Next post I will post the size and pictures of the tablet if you were curious.

Princess Mononoke

This was finished for awhile and didn't post up, good thing the standard resolution to upload or I wouldn't have the others. Was gonna be only 1920x1200..