Background credit to ~zygat3r(deviantart)

Nickname:Hiro_Masaki, 2Evolution

Been making stuff since 2002 and still kinda a noob at wallpapers since Sakura_Kokoro(my sister who brought me into this)has done this alot longer than me.

As you can see I'm a person with few words....but watch my creativity take over

Awake Version 1

V1 Complete Enjoy!

Awake V2

Other verision coming soon.

Macbook Pro 13"

Just recently bought it for school (2 days ago) and using it for my main programs now (had to save some electricity and lower the bill). The other computer (still the excellent xp since 3-4 years) uses so much watts (over 1000+ watts) its was draining my money.

For anyone who wanted a mac for school stuff or other professional programs, I would highly recommend one!
Here's what on mine currently, wallpaper by me and logo owned by apple 8/20/09

External Image

Windows XP

I still love my custom comuter but I'll eventually used it for extensive work or gaming.
Its very desktop clean (6 total icons, 3 left and 3 rght) and I love using docks!
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External Image
External Image
Very Old Theme
External Image

Maximum Beat 8-13-09

Man this problem with resolutions ahhhhhhhhh!!!