==> ???: Explain the situation

It's about freaking time. Your NEW GAME is suppose to be delivered today! It's only suppose to be the best game since Skyrim. It's SBURB!

You've been reading a bit about it. Apparently it requires multiplayer, but thank sweet jegus for internet, Pesterchum, and a whole sh*t load of friends just as anxious as you!

Hold one, before we get any further, shouldn't we introduce you?

==> You: Fill in HUMAN PROFILE

A wild character selection screen appeared! It appears the only characters you can choose are these weird things with gray skin and orange horns...

==> ???: Explain the OTHER situation

Good grief. It's taken long enough, but it's finally the day you and your group of trolls who both P*SS YOU OFF TO NO END and receive some of your OH SO RARE PITY are going to play this big game to save your race. It's called SGRUB, who knows where that retarded name came from.

Anyway, it's about time you get connected.

BUT WAIT! You cannot start without properly introducing yourself!

==> You: Fill in TROLL PROFILE

Okay, you've got your profiles. Now can we get to the games?

==> You: Attempt to start games

You've been denied again! It seems you have to read the RULES AND EXPLANATIONS first!

==> You: Read rules and get to playing!

You do so.



1. Alex Parker- kyouyarenge
2. Troy Clark- Shom
3. Cynthia Sistine- tutcat

1. Lupus Fido- kyouyarenge
2. Chilis Contro- Shom
3. Nitrus Tonhem- tutcat

None yet

==> Kill ALL the stuffed animals!

You are doing so. Might as well waste the time. Besides, you might not need stuffed animals anymore if the game works out. ==> That boy is bothering you again. Correction, he's pestering you. WC: Hey kill all your stuffed a...

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About the trolls and other stuff

Hey guys, I have a few ideas on how to incorporate the trolls. So tell me what you think will be best: A) Like UU and uu, the trolls enter the game about the same time the humans do, so they end up trolling pregame humans as pregame trolls ...

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> Represent yourself less symbolically immediately.

>Ignore that blazing fire that will surely destroy your house. That was the plan. >So how's it going? Shh, you've already...

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==> Answer those Chums

God, it seems like everyone is trying to talk to you at the same time! You never thought of yourself as popular. Actually, you usually think yourself quite the opposite. However, your starting to rethink that thought about not thinking about being...

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===> Gain freedom into the house.

===> Climb over the fence. You begin climbing over the fence. You've never done anything even remotely like this. It's horrible,absolutely horrible and not very lady-like. Your coat ends up catching on one of the pointed parts ...

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