==> Roleplay: Commence

I'm starting this thing NAO. People are still welcome to join, though.

==> Enter Name

You're name is certainly not something stupid like Itchy Buttface. In fact, it is Alex Parker. You recieved your name plaque three years ago on your 13th birthday, and it hasn't changed since.

==> Alex: Do something interesting

You currently have nothing interesting to do except lay on your bed and finger one of your knives. However, you have been awaiting a game all day. It has just been released, and it's suppose to arrive in your mail today. Not that your Sis would allow you to obtain it. You've been grounded for a small accident with one of your knives, and are suppose to remain in your room. It's a good thing you know how to pick the lock on your window, and it's also a good thing your house is only one story.

==> Alex: Look and see if it's here already!

You figure maybe you should sneak a peak out the window now. Last time you checked was about an hour ago. You've been fiddling around with this and that since.

==> Alex: Sneak a peak out the window

Sure enough, the little red flag is up. Mail must be here already. Now, to get to it before your Sis suspects anything.

You stick the tip of your knife in the key lock on the window, and carefully jiggle it around, and...

There, it's open. With the swiftness of the wind, you jump outside and take cover in the hedges by the outer wall.

==> Alex: Retrieve Package

You're standing in front of the mail box before anyone who may or may not be watching you can blink. Inside is a golden brown package. Captchaloging the package along with a small advertisement to fullfill you Gather fetch modus, which requires you to pick up multiple items at once, you close the box and return to cover.

==> Alex: Return to your room

Just as you prepare to jump in the window, it slams shut, and a lock clicks. Uh oh. She KNOWS/URL].

You're screwed.

==> Alex: Abscond

Too late! A wild SIS appeared! You pull out one of your many knives from your stife specibus.


Unfortunately, you're weapon arm is behind your back with the knife removed before you have a chance to strike. Sis stores the knife in her own fetch modus and carries pulls out a rope to tie your hands back. Then she carries you back to your room by the collar of your Band-aid shirt and throws you in the door. A loud thump says she set something heavy in front of your door, like the fridge or a safe or something.

At least you still have the game.


Okay, I'll do Liupus later~