So just as the title says this is my world for my stories. I figured that it would be better if i just put all of them in one world that way I can add more of my stories on my profile. Also have another spot open so I can make a new world if I want to.

A Journey in Search of Something More
Here We Go Again-*Completed*-
A Little Secret -*Completed*-
Ribbons of Fate (ALS Sequel)
Is This Just Another Love Story -*Completed*-
Let It Roll
Just Believe -*Completed*-
Count Down
Believe Me

Coming Soon

Claws and Fangs

If anyone would like to read Pat and Delin's story. we have it up on tumblr!
Just so you know it is rated 18+ so rated M just a forewarning now considering we're in the beginning of the story it's going to get very mature later on.

A Little Secret

Title: A Little Secret Chapters: 30 (up on fictionpress) Word...

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A Little Secret Side Stories

So after asking some friends if I should do side stories of all Sasuke and Sean's friends (so Toshiro, Kyo, and everyone else) they convinced me to actually go through with it. I started with Nero because why not and he's a lot of fun to work wit...

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Yes Even though I have made an RP world first it hasn't really gone anywhere and I really wanted to keep going with my characters so I've decided that i'm going to write a story with them. Don't worry this doesn't mean that they are going ...

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Ribbons of Fate

Title: Ribbons of Fate Chapters:-...

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