This is where the RP for the Links

Dark Link=Me
Green Link=FancyTailCoat
Blue Link= (should be CrazyAnimeGirl)
Red Link= morningmusicheart
Purple Link= yoroshiku97
Orange/Yellow Link= ?

Well this is a world for us to create out little RP for a quest to find a master sword for the 4 of us (not sure if Crazy is joining in on it) and to save the lands of Hyrule from the Evil Ganon and his new recruits...who are they...well.. you're going to have to wait and see.

Our quest begins at finding out where to locate the master sword and the great fairy to help us create master swords the the four of us

I really like this. Its true dedication I must say. Awesome morningmusicheart, hope you don't mind me using it in here.
this just makes me want to get this RP rolling then
But I can't do it on my own
My other Links.
I say to you
Let me know of an idea to add
Maybe if someone gets kidnapped or anything
PM me.
Oh and be cool to see some art works of our adventure you know
Readers or anyone who cares enjoy and read it please this is really going to get awesome I promise.

Bird Trouble

Green: 'There's no time to train the bird' he said! That's cause the bird only listens to him!
Green: -glares at Dark Link-
Dark: -chuckles-