Quest to the End

For those who actually read the first parts of the other one The Quest Begins this is going to be the ending to it. Why am i making another part because... I felt it would be easier to read... since the other one has 8 in total. But this Quest will come to an end

last time we left off with Red, Purple, Blue and Green Link finally finding their master sword with the help of Princess Zelda and the Twilight Princess Minda but now that that quest is Complete its time to begin their quest to stop Ganondorf and Zant and helping Dark come back to his senses in being good again can they do it?

Zelda: ...Green... Are you alright....
pats Green Link's shoulder
Green: Huh... yeah.....More on the fact how to actually end all of this. Ganondorf I'm sure we can handle but it took alot just to get Zant down for the count.

Zelda: we're not alone we got the others

Green: and what of Dark. If we can't manage to revert him back to his good self?

Zelda looks at him then to Minda and sighs

Zelda: If we can't save him then we have to stop him and put him away with Zant and Ganondorf

Red: Relax we won't get rid of him.

Purple: Right. We can save him. He turned good once

Blue: Yeah and we have you Zelda and Minda I'm sure you two can do something to get Ganondorf's mind control off him right?

Zelda: ...yes I ca n try

Minda: Try? No we will be able to save him. Count on it. Besides it seems even if he is Green's darker half... doesn't mean he has to be evil

Green: Right. Lets try to think of a plan to enter the castle... get Ganondorf and Zant and take them down along with their army

Blue: yeah. But how will we do that... especially with the murder of skull kid... they probably have their guard up more.

Red: Yeah... on Dark not on us

Green: He has a point they suspect him as
the murderer I don't even think they will have much time to pay attention to our next move

all look to one another and nod in agreement and begin to form a plan. Mean while back at the castle of Hyrule

Dark: So you think I was the one who did this...

Ganondorf: don't play a fool here... You were the one who was last seen with him.

Dark smirks and looks at him

Dark: who told you this... your minions?

Zant: No Dark if you recall... I was the one who saw you near his room.

Dark glares at Zant and looks to Ganondorf

Dark: Thats right... I forgot about you...

Ganondorf: So you admit that you were there and you did murder him

Dark: no i came out his room to discuss some matter of if he wanted me to do anything for him. I left him to be on his own. Nothing more... nothing less.

Zant: And then he was discovered dead

Dark: oh and i'm to blame because I'm one who tends to not follow orders and lose my temper is that it.

both glare at one another until Ganondorf dismisses Dark from the room

Zant: that brat did it I can sense it

Ganondorf: As I said before I will make sure he is taken care of. For now we need him to bring in Link and Zelda... We need the triforce part that they posses. Once their in our grasp then we will get rid of him and the other pests

Dark: Hmph get rid of me huh.

Dark leans on the door and keeps listening in

Dark: I won't die... and if I do... I won't be dying alone.

Glares at some Bulbins and grins

Dark: I'll be sure to wipe out every single last one of you bastards. Most of all.. I be sure to take you two out.

What will happen? Will the Four swords be able to stop Ganondorf and Zant? The army they have? Will Zelda and MInda be able to save Dark or will The four swords need to take down Dark