Thank you all who visited this page. Much appreciated. Love ya much.

Haven't been on sorry

So on my world of Hyuga, 844 views thank you so much. I really appreciate it. So thanks a lot. You guys are the best.

Little Siblings.......

Most of the time, I would tolerate them. But when a 12 year old, cries like a 2 year old over doing the dishes. That is what gets me. I know I am being rude. But to me, it's being blunt about a topic. But seriously, crying over dishes. I know we were all like that sometimes. BUT, it does get annoying. Once, I told her to grow up, she threw a fork at me. Which was VERY UNCALLED FOR......How rude! I wish there was a way to get through to her. If there was, I would take that any day. But sadly there isn't. But maybe some day, she will see for herself. Like we all did once in our lifetimes.


I MISS MY KIKU-CHAN. Why can't she be here with me. I miss her so much.


So I haven't been on for awhile. But us Otaku's have to stick together. I think talking on the COMMUNITY CHAT. Helps us get to know, that they are others that are there. I have been trying to chat with people on there. But NO ONE IS EVER ON THE CHAT. BUT LETS BRING THE PASSION BACK INTO THE CHAT.


I really don't understand. Siblings are overrated. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND THE LANGUAGE YOU SPEAK. Take notice. I'M FROM THE 90'S NOT THIS ERA. So please speak English please. Not the new style of English.