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A Breif Bio

Zack Fair Biography
As it turns out, Zack only looks like a minor background character. In fact, he has a bigger role in Final Fantasy VII than it ever seemed like he might, although some of his importance was grafted on after the fact.

Like his eventual comrade Cloud Strife, who he physically resembles somewhat (except for his brown hair), Zack left his home in a small town to join the Shinra Corporation’s elite SOLDIER force. He succeeded in that immediate goal, becoming a respected member of the unit and helping train future recruits, including Cloud.

The two of them had the misfortune of being part of the unit sent to Nibelheim, however, and both were victims of their commander Sephiroth’s rampage throughout the town. Badly wounded by their encounters with Sephiroth, they were easy prey for the mad Shinra scientist Hojo, who used them as fodder for his genetic experiments until they were able to escape. It was in the process of their ordeal together that Cloud, his mind disordered by Hojo’s manipulations, took on some memories and characteristics borrowed from his comrade.

In his younger days, Zack was a good friend of Aerith Gainsborough, a young flower-seller in the slums of Midgar. In retrospect, perhaps his resemblance to Zack is part of what initially drew her to Cloud.

Brief stuff

A SOLDIER for Shinra, and Cloud’s comrade. He was a considerate man who valued his allies, and was best friends with Cloud and Sephiroth. He participated in many missions for SOLDIER and served the company well, but during the Nibelheim incident he suffered serious injuries, and was confined in the Shinra Manor as a test subject for Hojo. He narrowly manages to escape with Cloud, but with Midgar right before him, Zack was killed. In a state of heavy mako poisoning at the time, Cloud superimposes Zack, who had died to save him, over his own personality.

Even after defeating Sephiroth and regaining his true self, images and memories of Zack turned to a sense of guilt which continued to torment Cloud. Suffering from this, images of Zack appear in his consciousness time and again. Zack will later become one of the driving forces to help Cloud move forward on his own feet.

As Cloud put an end to Sephiroth and broke that curse, Zack was there by his side, seeing him through.

Compilation of FFVII for Zack

Before Crisis -FFVII-
Zack, during his days as a young SOLDIER, appears in chapter 8, “Light Unyielding to the Dark.” In this mission he fights alongside the main character, one of the Turks.

Crisis Core -FFVII-
In “CC,” Zack is the lead character. His past is completely revealed, including his missions during his time in SOLDIER, his friendship with Sephiroth, his first love with Aerith, and his meeting with Cloud. And of course you can see the whole story of the events leading to the start of FFVII, from the Nibelhiem Incident to his heroic end after escaping.

Zack and Aerith

Zack & Cloud


HideTopCharacter Profile: Zack Fair
Fields USA Info Japanese Info Image
Name Zack Fair Zack Fair
Race Human Human
Gender Male Male
Age 23 years old(at death)(source: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game guide) 23 years old(at death)(source: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII game guide)
Hair Black Black
Eyes Blue Blue
Height 6'3"(source: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII) 191 cm(source: Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII)
Status Ex-SOLDIER/Spirit Ex-SOLDIER/Spirit
Voice Rick Gomez Kenichi Suzumura
Anime Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
· · · Final Fantasy VII: Last Order Final Fantasy VII: Last Order
The above info came from Fire Phoenix, and was edited by yours truly (contact me). The image came from Final Fantasy Dimension.
HideTopCharacter Description: Zack Fair
Zack is a close ally of Cloud's, a member of SOLDIER from Gongaga. Formerly under his superior officer Angeal, who gave him the Buster Sword. Zack finds out that Angeal (as well as Genesis) was part of an experiment called Project G. Everyone including Sephiroth believed 'G' to mean Genesis but it was actually for Angeal's mother, Gillian.

It was Zack who gave Cloud's life hope in continuing his dream of becoming First Class SOLDIER. He was also Aerith's boyfriend. Zack was also known to be Sephiroth's best companion before the incident in Nibelheim. After that, both he and Cloud were subjected to Hojo's "Sephiroth Copy" product for the next few years in Shinra manor.

Zack managed to get himself and Cloud out and attempted to enter Midgar, where Zack intended to be a mercenary for hire. However, he sacrificed his life to save Cloud from Shinra MP gunfire. After that, Cloud, due to a mix of his personal issues and Jenova's influence, adapted many of Zack's mannerisms and as such used the Buster Sword.

Zack's spirit aided Aerith in the Meteor incident and later in saving Cloud after his near-death experience in Advent Children. By Advent Children, Cloud used the Buster Sword as Zack's gravestone marker on the very piece of land Zack died on.