My First Submission?!


It would appear that I was finally able to submit something! Yay, I'm so happy!
I hope everyone likes it, though! It's just a doodle, really, and I don't have any materials of my own to work with... >___<;
Ah well, I can't wait til it shows up!

April Fool's Day

Wow, it's been a while since I posted! Didja miss me?

To any of you who may have actually been reading my posts in this little world, I'm sorry I've been "gone" for so long! I didn't even post after Kumoricon telling you all about how I got to meet Todd Haberkorn and even give him a hug!
I also cosplayed as Kagamine Rin, which was lots of fun.
But a lot, and I do mean a LOT has happened since then.

Anyway, as the title of this post would indicate, today's entry is about April Fool's Day, which is today! This also means that my birthday is in nine days, on the tenth. I will be sixteen! ^w^

I see that the banner to the site is now My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and so is everyone's avatar and whatnot.
And I would just like to say that I have absolutely no problem with this.
Aaaanyway, since things are inevitably going to get weird now, I'm outta here!

Enjoy your Pony Da- I mean, April Fool's Day!

OH! And also, a very happy birthday to Kimihiro Watanuki!



I'm going to Kumoricon! Yeah...but I don't think I'll get to be there for the whole thing, and that SUCKS, because that could completely destroy my plans.
Soul Candy's gonna be there, and Todd Haberkorn (who is my favorite voice actor). And if I miss my chance to see them, or any of the other guests and events, I could just die.
This is my first con, I want it to be really special!!! DX

I got nothing D:
Here's a picture ^_^


Heyyy D:

Are none of my subscribers Vocaloid fans? I really meant it when I said you guys can be guest posters...It's no fun running the world all by myself, help me out here! START NOTICING MY VOCALOID WORLDDDD



The reason I posted that question was because I WANTED ANSWERS FROM YOU PEOPLES.
SO! Answer me! Should I make a Vocaloid world or not?!
Because I really want to.