I’ve written stories and short paragraphs for RPs before, but this is my first ever fanfic! I hope everyone will enjoy the story!

“Look, there she is.”

“Not really exciting is she?”

“She never even leaves the castle, it’s no wonder no one knows anything about her.”

A large crowed lined the city’s streets, mumbling amongst themselves as they waited for royal family to pass. It was a rare event to see the entire family out in the city, and everyone had been curious to get just a glimpse of the secretive princess.

No one had ever met her in person, or so the stories went, the only people to have ever even laid eyes upon her were her own family and the palace servants. So you could imagine the commotion when the town heard that the princess would be attending the annual festival of moons, where their planet would become perfectly aligned with the small moons it drew its power from.

The planet itself was their life source, but it held no power to protect them. They did not even have their own Sailor Soldier to fight for them in the case they were ever in danger, and so this festival was the time that they felt the safest. Even with their many warriors and the senshi of their world’s moons, they knew that they would hold no power compared that of the sailor crystals of the other planets.

Though most of the comments were drowned out by the crowd’s cheers in welcoming their king and queen, the young princess could hear even the softest whispers about her. Her expression didn’t change from the blank mask she wore, and she instead just turned her head away from the scenery before her that had commanded her attention the moment she’d left the castle, instead just staring at the short velvet curtains that she could easily close to block the outside world from her.

She couldn’t do that, however, with her mother half hanging from the carriage itself as she greeted her subjects. Her father just laughing as she almost tumbled out and onto the ground, hanging on for dear life.

People always questioned how the young girl could be related to the couple whenever they met her, and she herself questioned it. More so because her parents acted more like children then she did. Their smiles never left their faces in public, and only she had ever seen them when they weren’t in their company mode.

“She’s quite boring,” the whisper hit the princess’s ears and she clenched her fists, wrinkling her dress in the process. Her mother noticed this, and having not heard a single thing being said about her daughter, just thought she was bored.

Leaning back into the carriage the queen sighed, crossing her arms over her chest as she watched the princess for a few moments before speaking. “For once we try to do something as a family and this is how you’re acting?” the woman stared at her coldly, her violet eyes, that she shared with her daughter, waiting blankly for a response.

“I told you she wouldn’t enjoy herself,” her father answered, though his happy expression had also faded as he pulled the curtains the girl had been staring at closed, so that their people would not see this side of them. The side of them that they hid from others, the side that was cold to their own daughter.

That was why she had never ventured far from the castle grounds, they had never wanted her to. Though she could never come to a conclusion on what she had ever done wrong to them, the princess knew this fact quite well. They would never visit her during her lessons, or when she was alone in her room, or the palace library where she sent most of her days. The only time she knew she would truly see them was the dinners they shared, and only then did they speak to her like loving parents, while others were watching.

Running a hand through his short black hair, the king watched the girl closely. “For once Manea, can’t you just act like you’re enjoying yourself?” his blue eyes bore into her, as if he were trying to twist her soul into doing his bidding.

Though she was used to this kind of treatment, the princess still flinched when that expression hit her, and she clenched her fists tighter, her nails beginning to dig into the soft, pail flesh of her hands. Rather than answer, she simply nodded, moving her eyes to once again look at the curtains.

The couple smiled at her response, but it did not reach their eyes. “Such a good girl,” her mother whispered, no love lacing her voice. It was just a comment she had made, as if she were speaking to a piece of furniture and not her own flesh and blood.

“My queen,” a voice carried from the woman’s side of the carriage, and she quickly regained her friendly mask as she brushed the curtain aside.

“Yes, Tethys?” she addressed the girl who stood outside of her side of the carriage, her aqua hair pulled up into a neat bun. Her dark blue eyes shone with admiration as she faced the queen, smiling as she held the edges of her fuku’s skirt, curtseying in greeting. Her fuku was aqua in colour, in perfect unison with her hair, a small star shaped broach sat neatly against the bow on her chest. The tiara on her forehead sparkled with a magnificent aqua gem, and her heels clicked as she stepped forward to open the carriage door.

“We have arrived my queen,” Sailor Tethys announced, waiting for the woman to step from the carriage

The door on the other side of the carriage opened soon after to reveal another girl standing there, her long pink hair tied into a braid. Her fuku was similar to her companion’s, but hers was instead pink in colour. “My king,” she greeted.

“It’s nice to see you again Dione,” the king smiled, taking her gloved hand as he exited the carriage, lightly placing a kiss upon it.

Sailor Dione’s face flushed, and she shook her head lightly. “The pleasure is mine my king, I’m honoured you remember me,” she stammered out. She had only met with the king once, at a banquet they had been invited to attend, and even then they had only spoken for a short time.

Manea rolled her eyes when she was sure no one was paying attention to her. Everyone thought her parents were heroes, and she had to admit in some aspects they were. They paid routine visits to the town, bringing gifts for the children and helping their subjects out. Though she only wished that they were able to see their true faces.

“I saw that,” she heard a chuckling voice beside her, her eyes widening in surprise. “Hello princess,” the woman smiled.

“Rhea,” Manea nodded in greeting to the oldest and wisest senshi, a small smile lightly tugging at her lips. Her dark red hair fell loosely around her, a slight wave to it, reaching down to her lower back. Her dark red fuku was the same as the others, but she stood with much more dignity.

Sailor Rhea was Manea’s favourite of the senshi that guarded her planet. As the oldest at 28 years of age, was much wiser than her friends, and understood much more. She knew of her king and queens secret sides, and she had figured it out just by spending a small time with the princess. She could tell a lot about a person by their mannerisms.

“Come now,” the senshi smiled, taking the princess’ hand and leading her from the carriage. “It is time to greet everyone.”

Manea nodded and let the woman lead her from her seat and outside into the town. She could feel her heartbeat quicken as she came face-to-face with the large crowd that had followed their carriage, hundreds of eyes watching her every movement.

She took a deep breath to calm herself, and blocked the whispers of the people from her mind. Walking forward lightly, she focused on not tripping on the hem of her gown. Spotting the alter where their ritual would take place in just a few days she couldn’t help but gasp.

The altar was made completely of white marble, flowers surrounding every corner, giving the area a sweet smell. Candles sat on and around the altar, even leading up the stairs as they waited to be lit. A purple banner sat in the middle of the altar, leaning over the edges and hanging inches from the ground, the planet’s symbol decorating its edges.

“It’s beautiful,” Manea whispered as she came to a stop beside her parents.

Rhea smiled and nodded, before stepping forward and standing before the altar. She was soon joined by her teammates, and crowd around them quietened down. “Sailor Rhea, at your service,” she fisted a hand over her heart and knelt before the royal family.

“Sailor Tethys, at your service,” Tethys followed, mimicking Rhea.

Dione soon followed, introducing herself next. “Sailor Dione, at your service.”

“Sailor Enceladus, at your service,” another woman introduced herself, her bright red hair short and sticking out like fluff, fisting her hand over her bright red fuku.

“Sailor Iapetus, at your service,” her light hair was pulled into two pigtails, and her fuku was a light blue.

Manea didn’t recognise the next girl, and wondered if she was a new soldier. She had layered green hair and her fuku matched the colour exactly. “Sailor Epimentheus, at your service,” she fisted her hand over her heart, kneeling like the others.

“Sailor Mimas, at your service,” a girl with curly orange hair smiled, lightly straightening the skirt of her orange fuku before following the other’s examples.

“Sailor Hyperion, at your service,” the girl nodded, her blonde hair styled in a pixie cut, her fuku yellow in colour.

Finally, the last of the women stepped forward, her fuku was a dark purple, and her was straight and long. “Last but not least, Sailor Janus, at your service,” she winked.

“It is a pleasure to see you all again, thank you for welcoming us,” the queen held her arms out toward them as if inviting them in for a hug.

The king nodded in agreement, turning towards the crowed so that they would be included in the conversation. “Thank you everyone for being here today, even if today is just a simple blessing of the altar. We woud like to introduce everyone to our daughter,” he placed a light hand on the princess’ back, pushing her forward softly so that all attention was drawn toward her.

Manea blushed, and wished for nothing more than to be able to run away. She knew if she did however, that she would regret it later. Instead she just stood there and waited for someone to speak.

“Everyone, meet our precious daughter Manea. Princess of Saturn and heir to the throne of Titan,” her mother smiled as she called out the introduction. “Though she has never ventured far from the Titan Castle, she is glad to be able to join everyone for the celebrations this year,” her mother began to fabricate an entire story of their ‘happy family’ and her daughter’s excitement and Manea had to stop herself from speaking against it.

“I’m happy to meet everyone,” she smiled instead.

So this is the first part. I remember reading somewhere that Princess Saturn never attended any of the balls held on the moon kingdom, and I wondered why, if it were her age or maybe something else? I hope it sounds ok so far!