Quit blaming me for your sh-t!

Your BFF. Whut.




Yea, I'm still alive. I just checked back in my worlds and found that Halloween post I made. I'll make something for both Luna and Chrysta since they participated. Thanx. And Luna, thanx for posting in my fanworld too. Glad to see it didn't die.




For anyone who still pays attention to this world, I have a little challenge for you in preparation of Halloween.

I've been featured in lots of costumes, ranging from scans to fanarts. So here's the challenge:

Choose your favorite costume that I've ever worn and link me to the image in a comment below. If I like the reasoning behind your choice enough, I may make a post in which I do something wearing said costume.

Get to it, yea? Not much time left.


Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts. I've been bored lately, hit me up?



Chero requested I post something nice about Sasuke. I don’t know if she decided to pick this because she knows how great we get along with each other, or because she really wants to see something nice about him, but whatever. I don’t back down from a challenge. So here’s your something nice about him, Chero. A picture of him back before he even knew how to talk back.

Doesn’t he look sweet and innocent as a baby? Ha. I could say something smartassed but I won’t, and there’s your nice post from me. Take it or leave it.