I'm back from Fanime!! Here's one of my cosplay photos. I went as Yuuko from XXX Holic!

Sam Manson

I love Danny Phantom so I made Sam's outfit!


Here's some Hazuki!


I was supposed to have a photoshoot last week but the wind was being an RTard so I didn't go. In a way I'm kind of happy because I wasn't sure about the location I selected for the pictures, I found a better one though! I might go today but nothing for sure yet. Hopefully all will be well...and maybe people won't stare as much. Oh the pics are for Hazuki (Moon Phase).

Going Good

So far Hazuki's cosplay is going good, the shirt is done, the gloves, collar, necklace, and the all important neko mimi! Now I have to finish the skirt bottom 9to make it a dress), a few little accessories, the shorts, and the petticoat. Hmm I'm guessing maybe another week or so until it's done.

I decided to do another Misa outfit since the first one was my own design. I can't wait to finish it! I looks good so far and I'm almost done with my scyth (sp?). It's the golden one from the back of a manga, my outfit is her pink art one.

Yay cosplay!

Enjoy some Sakura.