Hello my name is Iida-Maria, but you can call me Iida-Maria or Iida.. or whatever you want. I am 17 years old, but I'm turning 18 on September.

I live in Finland, it's in the northern part of Europe, in between Sweden and Russia. My native language isn't English, so my grammar isn't the best, but I will try. I speak Finnish (of course), English(as you can see ;D), Swedish and some German. I know a few words in Japanese too but I'd like to learn more. :D

My hobbies are reading, playing video games(Guitar Hero and Final Fantasy-series~<3), I really like watching movies and I'm very much into manga and anime. I also listen music and I like all kinds of bands, but I really don't like Finnish or English rap. :/ At the time my big favourites are The Gazette, Evanescence, Girugamesh and An Cafe.

My favourite books are the Twilight series, Harry Potter series, any books written by Walter Moers and many, many other books. I read A LOT, mostly fantasy and suspense, but I read other books from time to time, too.

The best movies are The Lord of The Rings-trilogi, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, Brothers Grimm, Edward Scissorhands, Fast and Furious, Avatar, Twilight and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

~The Background picture is from TheOtaku.com, desinger being aizome who kindly let me use this~

That poem to Ruki

He liked it~<3 Unf~ yess.. well he didn't really comment it in any way, but he pushed the 'like' button Facebook has. Probably doesn't seem like anything to some, but it's more than I was expecting.


Sent this to Ruki

You exist, my darling. Life is beautiful when I know that. It's not important what you do, what you say but what you are, tears, smiles. Happy Valentine's Day <3

Let's wait and see what he thinks about it..


It seems that I added the same post multiple time.. Sorry for that, but every time I tried to post a post it said something like ''An error has occurred'' and I thought it wasn't published -.-'' Sorry for any inconvenience.

Someone tell me this isn't a dream

Uwah~ I'm so happy! I bought a couple of Reituki doujinshis and one edition of Fool's Mate(The GazettE, alice nine., Gackt, Acid Black Cherry, An Cafe) and they arrived today T_T .. Of course they're in Japanese so I don't unerstand anything written on them, but there's lots of pictures~<3

Another good thing that happened today was that BooBoo Stewart, who has a YouTube account, sent me a note where he thanked me for subscribed his account. I'm sure he does to all of his fans, but it's still very nice of him~<3
Here's the note.:

hi thanx for subscribing-please follow me on twitter-mammarazzi1
myspace is actionbooboo facebook is 'the real booboo stewart' fivels is 'the real fivel stewart'
check us out on IMDB and request us on radio disney
please listen to our songs rainy day and you dont know´╗┐ me on i tunes



It's only ONE DAY LEFT people!! And then I can enjoy the summer.. Actually I would have two days, but I can't go to school on Saturday 'cause I don't have a ride to the school. And I'm not gonna walk 36 kilometres just to get my diploma -.-'' ... .. Oh yeah! My mom called to the school about that and they said that they're a bit disspointed because I couldn't get there.. I'm supposed to have some kind of stipend O.O I really have no idea why but we'll see. I let you know what it is when I get it :D