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Back to basis

It's been really long since I wrote here last, so some news about me to begin with. All the exams are passed quite successfully, so I'm looking forward to my studies in the university.
And now I'm enjoying the rest of my holidays in Karlovy Vary. I had excursions in Prague and Dresden, wonderful places, highly recommend them to everyone who happen to come here.
And since I have a new cell phone with wonderful applications I returned to reading manga :3
Never say never, so I am back enjoying it after a long break (I have no idea how I'll catch up with Naruto or Bleach @[email protected]), though without that crazy enthusiasm.
This time I began with PandoraHearts and I don't regret it. Nice art and more and more intriguing plot. However it took me a chapter to relearn all the names ^^`
Well, the second series was DeadmanWonderland. And my pond break seems to have affected the impression of this manga. So many mysteries were revealed in several chapters that I couldn't help feeling disappointed. Nevertheless the right dark and depressing atmasphere remains.
The third one was StrayLoveHearts. And what a unlucky surprise it was. I picked this manga because wanted something as mysterious and complicated as the previous ones but lighter. And it was light and bright but extremely simple. Of course, the fact that I had stopped on a turning point of the plot when the last room was left played its role. But I never expected it to turn out that sweet. The main villain was unexpected but unexplained and illogical. The main romance was obvious from the very beginning but any other variants were gone too soon. Looks like it was finished in a hurry. At least I hope that the ongoing ... of ... will be more successful, though unfortunately, vampires are not my favourite topic =.=
Anyway, AreYouAlice? and Code:Breaker are waiting for me in my library now *.*

Long time no see!

I still can't believe that I've passed my exams (well, there will be 2 more in a month and some results haven't been announced yet, but...). I was waiting for this moment for so long and I have absolutely no idea of what to do now when there is so much free time. I feel like changing all wallpapers and designs, to begin with... Unfortunately (maybe... or not?), my passion for manga has gone. However, it may return someday as well as the right mood for wallmaking ^^
Btw, thanks to all peple I know here for amazing practice in communication! My results in Engish are awesome ^^

Thank you!

Thanks to everybody who congratulated me today, I really appreciate it! ^_^
Sorry, I haven't been here recently and I didn't participate in many challenges where I had been invited. I just don't have time for anything now, I had two tough months and I expect it to become easier only for April... I'm really sorry about it!
Thank you so much again~


I've just finished reading chapter 56 of PandoraHearts! Amazing manga! Never expected it to be so before I began reading it. Everything seems to be perfect. From wonderful art (the reason for me to begin reading it, actually) to awesome characters (no stupid ones (!), no absolutely good or absolutely bad ones) and intriguing plot. At first it seemed some strange mixture of a good Alice_in_Wonderland-based manga with TRC and Kuroshitsuji. I'm still not sure if it is really like that and I'm a bit afraid of disappointment in it with the time. However, there was a point when I began feeling like all the incredible characters began dividing into heroes and villains but, fortunately, I was wrong ^_^
By the way, read Code:Breaker 114 today, too. Doen't impress me compared to PH, but still wanted to mention it here ^^

Happy NY!

Happy coming New Year to everyone! ^_^