Starbucks For a First Time!

NOMNOMNOM! Starbucks!

I've never tried Starbucks before, because I live in a place where Starbucks doesn't exist (waaaah~), but I'm on a vacation during my school holidays to Malaysia!

I'm visiting relatives, but also sightseeing new places and trying new things. Its really fun, considering the last few times I've been to Malaysia was when I was tiny and couldn't tell what was what!

The down side about this is that Ive actually gotten rarely any chances to use internet (right now, Im leeching from my aunt's wifi!). You see, Im staying with my 88-year-old grandma who probably doesn't even know what the interet is, so I'll be offline for quite a while.

But do not fear! I won't leave the Otaku for long! As soon as I return home, I'll probably spend forever making up for the time lost on here!

So, bon voyage to me! Oh, and just to make this post a little more interesting, here's a apicture of me a week ago in Kuala Lumpar airport drinking Starbucks! ^0^