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Best Quote Ever: If you're in a relationship, sometimes you probably feel like you're fighting a caged death-match with an invisible spider monkey. And the monkey is rabid. And you don't have any legs. And then a buffalo jumps in there and starts head-butting everything and your face catches on fire and there is a general atmosphere of chaos - Hyperbole and a Half

Hey Look, a Post

Wow, long time no... Do anything at all! I've been seriously busy for the longest time now.

Track is finally over! I had shin splints throughout the majority of the season, but got over them towards the end and improved my best time by 30 seconds! I also met some of the coolest people in the entire world. I'm super excited for next year.

I can't remember if I already said this, but next year I'm going to be the Executive Editor of my school's newspaper, so hey. More stress. YESSSS. One more month of school left!

Short uninformative post is short.

How're you guyses?

Here's a picture of me an my track frans at one of our last meets! From left to right: Me, Michelle, Marlo, Evan, and Iris :) But seriously. Pay no attention to my face.

Thanks People!!!

So, I'd like to give a big happy 'thank you' to everyone who wished me happy birthday yesterday! You're all freaking awesome, and I love you guys so much! And even if you didn't, I still love you. SPECIAL thanks to Carina1301, Hulaberry32, kamichama karin s, LightFykki, ReiKiba, littlepooch, hackerblackrose, and animegirl171 for the birthday wishes :)

I also received two amazing dedications from LightFykki and animegirl171, thank you VERY VERY VERY much!!!

I didn't really do much for my birthday; Hulaberry32 came over on Monday to hang out, and she gave me this freaking wonderfantastic necklace. That I love. So so so so muchly. On my actual birthday, I went to school and track practice, and didn't end up getting home until 4. Me and my family just ate and stuff, and then we opened presents! I gots. Perfume, a video game, and A NEW ACOUSTIC GUITAR. WHAAAAT. They're all so beautiful, man.

In other news, I started track intramurals, anddd I LOVE ITTTTT! My coach (400 meters through 3200 meters) is so cool, and everyone is really chill. It's also a relief to know that I'm really not that slow. I'm able to stay with the group and not trail behind, which is awesome. We do a LOT of core work, so my it's impossible for me to breathe. Or laugh. Or anything. Without my abs and arms hurting. Bleh. So yeah, I really like it.

And I totes got changed from my Drawing class to Journalism, and I'm probs gonna be a cartoonist for our school newspaper! Yeah buddy.

- Mariya

Best of 2012 So Far

ACCKK so that cute guy at church. Right. Will. Right. I went to my church's New Year's Eve dance, and he asked me to dance. And. He told me that I looked like a princess. And. He kissed my hand and bowed after we were done dancing. He let me sit next to him fer about half of the dance, and we talked and whatever, and he gave me his phone number, and hugged me before he left. Right. And then on Monday, me and him went swimming at one of our church friend's house with a bunch of other people, and he had me sit next to him the whole time, and we talked some more, and he played me a song on his guitar, and then I played it and sang. He likes the same music as I do! What're the odds of that? I mean, literally nobody likes the music I listen to. What. But he told me that we should start a band together. Yup. And then on Wednesday, we were at a church thing, and I was sitting by myself while he was sitting in a group of other people, and he tapped me on the shoulder and had me sit next to him. And then later when another girl was talking to him, I was kneeling on the ground next to him, but forgot that someone had spilled soda on the ground, so my jeans got all wet. And. He got out of his chair and let me sit in it, and he pulled another desk over next to me for himself. And he's just so cute, okay.

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Merry Christmas and Sorts!

Merry Christmas guys! I know I've been really bad at keeping up here, and I hardly talk to any of you anymore, sorry. What've you been up to lately?

Anyways, I had a really good Christmas this year! My family didn't open presents until after church, but it didn't really bother me. We had to sing during the church session in front of everybody, and I guess it went okay. It was half in Spanish, and I think I pretty much butchered the pronunciation, but other than that... This attractive guy who goes to my church who thinks I'm pretty told me that I did a really good job, and he wished me a Merry Christmas :) Yay. Heeeeee's nice looking.

Fer Christmas, I got: Ahem. A Panara gift card, Anastasia, candy (lots of it), a hat, hair stuff, some bracelets (from Hulaberry32!), other jewelry from my grandma, a Barnes&Noble gift card, a blanket, Get Smart, legit DJ stereo headphones (from my filthy rich cousin), an I-tunes gift card, a movie gift card, a bathrobe, a birdcage thing that you can hang stuff on with clothespins, a BYU-I sweatshirt, $20, and a flat screen TV- which was really nice, because we've had a crappy box TV for the past forever. It was awesome.

We didn't really do anything for the rest of the day, but it was still super amazing. How were you guys's holiday?

- Mariya

Cross Country/School

So school just started for me last Monday, and it's going okay, I guess. All my teachers are pretty chill and I like them, except for my Biology teacher. She annoys me so much, and sometimes I just feel like punching her in the face. I don't know why, maybe it's just her voice. Or her face. Or something.

Every day after school I have Cross Country practice, which is definitely my favorite part of the day! Practice runs from 1:45 - 4:00 PM, and we usually run anywhere from 3 to 5 miles a day! I like it a lot though, even though it's usually 109 freaking degrees outside. The team is like my second family, and they're definitely some of the most hilarious people I have ever met.

This last Saturday was the first race of the season! We had to meet at the course at 7:00, then walk half of it so that we knew where to go. Then for our warm up, we ran half of it, then did Agilities on the Start/Finish line. My age group of girls got to run the first race, which started at 8:00. Besides me, there were only three other girls from my team running in the 8:00 set! Anyways, so the race started off with me in the very back, but I passed two girls near the beginning, and they fell behind pretty far. The course was 2.8 miles, and it circled around the high school and the college campus twice.

There was this one hill that we had to run on each loop near the end called "Heartbreak Hill" which was basically a straight up-and-down slope with a huge heart painted in the center of it, and we had to run up the middle of it. There were also a bunch of random haybales on the course that we had to jump over. If you didn't want to jump over, you could run to the side of them, but you got a short penalty if you did, so I just jumped over them. It wasn't too bad.

I came in 87th place out of 89 girls, which is really bad, but I had to start somewhere, right? My time ended up being about 33:56 minutes, so I know I can get a lot better. We have another competition this Tuesday, but it's at my school, so it's not as stressful! Wish me luck :)

- Mariya