Why InuYasha Really Ended

A scream pierces the night. A flash of colour is briefly seen, as a white-haired, dog-eared youth in a brilliant red kimono lands behind a boulder next to a shadowed figure.
"D***, they got Shippo!"
"Ah! InuYash-I wish you wouldn't do that! Especially not tonight of all nights!" The shadowy figure leans out into the weak moonlight and a face is revealed. A face well-known through-out the world of InuYasha. "Did you say they got Shippo?"
"D***it all Miroku, can't you pay attention? Yes, they got Shippo! You're such a useless mo-" InuYasha's ears twitch. He completely stops moving, which is a feat in itself.
"Oh-no, I know that look on your face. Either Kagome's about to say SIT or they're her-"
"Argh! Shut-up Miroku! I'm trying to listen!" InuYasha's eyes widen as he hears something with his dog ears. Suddenly, he grabs Miroku's cursed arm and jumps up.
"InuYasha! Wait! InuYash-I can't keep up with you!" Miroku splutters as he is pulled along. Even at InuYasha's extreme speed, it's obvious that something is catching up to the boys. Speed is imperative. If the boys can't keep ahead of their pursuers, than they will be captured. InuYasha pours on the speed, and begins to pull ahead. The boys are pulling ahead, thier pursuers are disappearing into the distance. They're going faster and faster aaaannndd, then Miroku trips.
Miroku's arm is pulled from InuYasha's firm grip and he goes down.
"InuYasha-Keep going on without me! I'll hold them off, you have to go warn the others!"
"No Miroku! I won't be accused of abadoning you! I don't want no guilt trips!" As InuYasha turns back to grab the monk, a rustling sounds nearby. "Then again Miroku, your idea is much better. Good luck Miroku! Don't die! Sango'd kill me!"
The monk sits on the ground where he fell and watches nervously as he's surrounded by a multitude of figures. As they close in on him, the monk speaks his trademark line.
"I don't suppose any ladies here would consider bearing my child?"
"D****it to h***, where is everyone!?" InuYasha continues his fearful marathon, searching desperatly for some sign of his fellows. "I can't believe that I can't find anyone! Not even that scrawny wolf, Koga! He always turns up, especially when he's not wanted!" InuYasha fall silent as a miraculous thing occurs. He has an idea. "Although I suppose it wouldn't be too bad if Koga was captured...or Sesshomaru." He sighs as he takes off for another leap. "I suppose it would be too much to ask if Koga, Sesshomaru, and Naraku all got captured though."
"Looooorrrrrrddd Seeeeeeessssshhhhhooommmmarrruuuu!"
A voice as annoying as nails on a blackboard rings through the night. "Lord Sesshomaru? Where are you milord?"
"That sounds like that stupid little imp that follows Sesshomaru around- Jaken." InuYasha aims for where the voice is coming from and lands...right on Jaken.
"InuYasha!" Jaken shrieks as InuYasha steps off of the little imp.
"Hey, I don't suppose you know where my friends are, do you?"
"No! Why would I know where your friends are? ...Have you seen Lord Sesshomaru anywhere?" Jaken asks as he brushes dirt off his clothes.
"Oh, Lord Sesshomaru! How could you leave your most loyal vassal?" Jaken puts his green face into his sleave. InuYasha frowns in concentration. Something unexcpected, something rare, is happening. InuYasha has not one, not two, but three thoughts. One, that he really does not care if Sesshomaru is captured. Two, that Jaken is pathetic and he should really leave. And three, thinking so many split-second thoughts is hurting his head. InuYasha backs off from the blubbering imp and bounds away.
The mooon sinks lower in the sky. A silhouetted figure is seen against the white moon. The figure starts on it's downward path and lands with a rustle among some trees.
As InuYasha stops to listen for signs of others on the run, a crashing sound echoes throught the forest. For a second, all is quiet but the wind, which suddenly dies down. Moments later, what sounds like a stampede begins to move through the forest. InuYasha catches up to the "stampede". It's the two demons who follow Koga and his band of wolves.
InuYasha lands among the pack of wolves and quickly catches up with Genta and Hakkaku.
"What are you doing here?" They gasp out.
"Same thing as everyone else. Trying to live throught the night."
"InuYasha, they got Koga!" The two wolf demons begin to sob.
"Please InuYasha, you've got to go help him!" Genta and Hakkaku look around. "InuYasha?" Once again, InuYasha has convieniantly escaped from the sight of tears.
InuYasha continues to jump from tree to tree. At least he tries to. He lands on one tree and looses his balance. He regains it. The reason behind his loss of balance? The trees in front of him are all destroyed. They're burned to ashes and large swaths of destruction plague this part of the forest. Scorch marks abound.
InuYasha worriedly glances from side to side, trying to discover the source of the destruction. As he wildly looks everywhere, he notices a glint of light. InuYasha leaps down to investigate. He lands a few feet away and slowly walks toward it. His unease mounts with every step as he recognizes the scent all around him.
"D***. It's the Tokiijin." InuYasha stares at the sword, the source of the glint, lying on the ground as though carelessly thrown.
A whisper cuts through the night; much to low for any human to hear it. However, the sensitive ears of a dog catch it. This is the only warning InuYasha has to the trap sprung. He jumps away just seconds before a large net hits the spot he was standing.
The sky is much lighter now, and the sun's rays are beginning to emerge. InuYasha hides in a gigantic tree. The dense foliage keeps him from view.
"At last. The sun is coming up. Hopefully, the sun ends whatever spell was cast as well....As it ends this 'Halloween' thing that Kagome was talking about."
InuYasha's ears perk up. "Kagome?"
"There you are InuYasha. Where is everyone?" She asks as she drops her oversized bag to the ground.
" How the he** should I know? As far as I know, they all got captured last night."
"Ugh, Kagome, do you have any idea what I had to go through last night? All because of you!"
Seriously worried, although whether about her boyfriend's sanity, or her friends safety, is anyone's guess, she asks a question. "InuYasha, what are you talking about?"
"Everyone was captured last night! Everyone! They got Shippo, Kohaku, Miroku, Koga, and even Sesshomaru!"
"Huh? Who captured everyone? What are you talking about?"
"What I'm saying is that everyone was captured by those mortals that came through the bone-eater's well last night! Even Sango!"
"Mortals? Sango was captured as well? " Kagome's face becomes pale and she grabs InuYasha's kimono?
"How was everyone captured? Didn't you do anything?!"
"Uh, yeah! I was kind busy fighting for my life! It's not like I could really sit there and kill them. They just kept coming back! Besides, they didn't even go after Sango! They went after Kohaku, and you know how she gets! "
"Why were a bunch of mortals after everyone?"
"I don't know! Those stupid girls were nuts!"
"...Yes. Girls. The mortals who attacked us last night were a bunch of human girls from your era."
"You hit girls!? What the heck is wrong with you, InuYasha?!"
"Well excuse me for fighting for my life! Next time, I'll just let them catch me like they did all of the other guys!"
"Ahhhh! InuYasha! You jerk! I can't belive you hit girls! Not only did you hit girls, you didn't even save any of our friends?! And then you blame it all on me?!"
"Kagome I w-"
"SIT BOY!!!!"
Kagome stalks away, angrily muttering about 'stupid, jerk-off, half-demon dog boys'. The silence after the impact of the SIT command gradually wears off, and the birds start singing again.
InuYasha, the only one to get through the night free; To survive and escape from his pursuers. He has finally been brought down by one word and an angry ninth grade girl.
"Ladies, ladies! Calm down! There's plenty of time for each and every one of you to bear my child."
"Sango! Sango? What are you doing here?" The monk tries to move backwards towards an open window and some other captives. "Now, Sango, don't be rash! Sang-"
"I told you we shouldn't have brought her here! Just look what she did to Miroku!"
"Quick! Somebody get her boomerang!"
Sounds of battle echoe down the hallway of an empty school. On one of the doors is a sign. It reads "Today Only! Fangirl Club is hosting real anime characters from the hit show InuYasha!" The date is October 31st.