Everyone is obsessed with something at sometime. Well with Inu, she always has to have an obsession with something or another. Wether it's an anime, manga, just drawing or even making AMV's I've always got something on my mind.

So here's a little world for me to post whatever the hell I want, that has to do with my current obsession of course.

See if you can guess what it is this time XD


LOOK AT WHAT AMAI DREW FOR MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! *runs round in circles* And all so that I would advertise her artwork!!! X3 'Twas and unusual request, but... ehh! I GOTS ME THIS MEGA AWESOME DRAWING OUT OF IT!!!

'Tis my OC for a One Piece fanfic I wanna write! She's Luffy's daughter >X3

Go! Favourite! Hug! Comment! Subscribe! Inu orders you to do so!

Mitsune Amai~ <--- LINKU!

Sayonara... Ace-san...

DX< Probably not the best thing to make a joke out of... BUT ACE'S DEATH IS SO SAD WE NEED A LITTLE SMILE!!!

TT^TT *snuggles Ace* Though I did not really care about your character, I cried when you died and started to love you </3

Cute, eh?

C'mon, you have to admit this pic is cute. ZoroNami for teh win!

For the moment LuffyBoa is my fav, but that could change if a better girl comes along
Ussop has... ehh... the sickly rich girl... her name started with a K I think... ANYWAY! Ussop has her.
Sanji... I dunno. I don't think Robin's a real good match for him. I'd rather see FrankyRobin just because it'd be kinda funny with their complete opposite personalities. And she's already touched his, ahem, private area >XD Granted it was only to make him feel pain, but it was funny none the less!
Chopper can find himself a nice reindeer
And Brook... Brook's a skeleton... so yeah.

I would've liked AceVivi too thanks to the anime.

Ahh Luffy

What to say...?

External Image

External Image

External Image

*this post was stolen from Random*

As the title says, this was originally posted in my other world, but... it's One Piece related sho... HERE YA GO!!

Here's a couple of icons I made X3 Tell me what ya think!

External ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal ImageExternal Image


Still taking requests!
Teh first one is my current avi.
I was thinking of making a One Piece family... would anyone join if I did? I'd be Luffy of course! So don't even try taking him! *runs off with Luffy*