Everyone is obsessed with something at sometime. Well with Inu, she always has to have an obsession with something or another. Wether it's an anime, manga, just drawing or even making AMV's I've always got something on my mind.

So here's a little world for me to post whatever the hell I want, that has to do with my current obsession of course.

See if you can guess what it is this time XD


I thought it was absolutely horrible that Ace died, I felt so bad for Luffy... AND THEN i FOUND OUT ABOUT SABO!!!! DX Why?!?!?! Both of 'em?? Why'd ya have to take both of Luffy's brothers from him? D:<


What the? When did this happen?? *not to far in the anime yet*

Luffy and ...

Humm, I still haven't picked any characters I like pairing Luffy with, but if I had to choose at the moment it would be Boa Hancock X3 Even though she's 12 years older than him...

I'd rather her than Nami. I think Nami should get together with Zoro XD


Woo! So let's kick off this world with a pic I think is very addorabubble. Look at it. Looooook! It's sho cute! X3

I don't actually know what they are... but my best guess is marshmellows!