Dear Santa,
This year for christmas I would like...

1. ((For people who know Inu)) Make me a ficcy of Inu and Deidara please <3
2. If not, something Asuna x Negi would be nice. Or Natsumi x Kotaro, or even Nodoka x Negi.
3. But of course some people won't know those characters, so how about Usagi ((Sailor Moon)) x Seiya ((Sailor Star Fighter)) <-- {Male or female}
4. Still no good? Oh well. How do you feel about Kagome x Inuyasha then?
5. Ehh, you still don't get it? *sigh* Alright then what about Chihiro x Haku? <3
6. So you say you haven't seen Spirited Away? Shame, shame on you. Fine, I'll make this a little more fun for you then if you're really out of options. A crossover couple. I'll give you a little list of my favourite characters in no particular order, and you choose who to pair them with-
Asuna - Negima
Nodoka - Negima
Evangeine - Negima
Seiya - Sailor Moon ((you could also use her in guy form tho))
Chibiusa - Sailor Moon
Kousagi - Sailor Moon
Hinata - Naruto
Chi - Chobits
Kagome - Inuyasha
Chihiro - Spirited Away
Mizore - Rosario Vampire
Karin - Kamichama Karin
((Probablly more but I can't think... oh well))

Kotaro - Negima
Negi - Negima
Seiya- Sailor Moon
Deidara - Naruto
Naruto - Naruto
Luffy - One Piece
Inuyasha - Inuyasha
Koga - Inuyasha
Haku - Spirited Away
Kazune - Kamichama Karin

Yes, Inu is going for coupley stuff this time round X3 Because she is in a coupley mood to make up for her forever aloness <3

Doesn't have to be christmas-y ^^

Yaoi, Yuri, I don't mind. So you can even pair some of the girls or guys if you really want ^^

Thank you very much.