well yeah. hi. the name's satomi or patty. you choose. :]

MACROS harry potter and hot times

I have to say, i Love MACROS<3
And i found this one that made me laugh SO MUCH

and some might not understand, and this might explain it a little:
>.> haha
(btw, if you don't know any of this songs, then your lame)
well that's A~ing, and yes, that dance is awesome XD

And this hotness thing is SM the Ballad singing HOT Times
enough to make any girl pregnant<3


I'm loving that picture XDDD



Spring brake is over D:
One day, and i'm already taking a test tomorrow.....

I bearly managed to stay awake in French class.
my teacher speaks way too much in French.



Did you know that only 17% of Earht's surface is untouche by humans??

A person consumes around 19,826 per lifetime
Oranges travel around 23 millon miles to reach you and bananas 11 million miles.

Consumers spend round billion dollars on hotdogs and hanburgers.

210 eggs are eaten per day.

4,376 loaves of bread of bread per person in a life time.

43,371 soda cans of sod in life time

28,433 showers in a life time

1.2 million gallons of water per person per life time, excluding showers.

So sad

Scary. I'm going to try to waste less from now on O.O


TODAY is my last day of LIBERTY!!

I think I'm ready. I only need to read about 20 more pages. bleh.

But mentally I'm almost ready!!

well not really.
It's not fair that we get to taste sweet liberty for 2 weeks and then it get taken away.

Tomorrow I, once again, will be a slave.