Hello! I am the owner of this world, ZelostheGreat, and this world focuses of the outspoken rambelings and questions that I ask. If I ask any questions, friends or not, feel free to awnser with honest heart~! Feel free to comment, P.M. me if you have any questions about anything (within certian limits. I'm no engineer ). I also have a large supply of worlds that need people, so if you like RPG worlds, contact me. Maybe I can hook you up?

Here's some info~~!!!

Name: Eden
Age: "3"
Likes: Vocaloid, Portals, Halos, Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossings, Pokemons, Bruce Willis, YouTube, Minecrafts, Money, Ice Tea, Subways (as in underground), Zambies, Cats, Summer, people, sleeping, swimming, and Salt and Vinagar chips (extra strong kind), (K/C)athrine, anime, music, clay, paint.
Dislikes: Buttracks, bad breath, punishent (verbal), fear, nickels, pie, planes, and, umm... Other stuff.
Is good at: being cheery, making fun of stuff, bulling littlekids, and making weird faces. My best thing is making perverted jokes.
Is bad at: Arguing, having a good self-esteem, and other stuff.
Animes watched/watching: MY Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Soul Eater, Special A, Panty and STocking with Garterbelt, OHSHC, Puella Magi Madoka★Magica and others.

This sog has some... Certian words in it. This is such a great cover! Miku-tan is epic!

(*) Broiche recipie for my gang!
(*) My Fav. Producer Playlist~!

Flipnote Contest

RvYAR>>^AR is the contest
L^ALL<LR is me
Im OP'd

It Just Happened

Captian Wilder. That just happened.
I can't sleep from 'boy troubles' at 1:30 A.M. and it's bugging hell into me. Yeah, when it comes to people, depending if I'm with homies or not, I can be a very logical thinker. I mean, this bro just walked to me. I DON'T THINK THAT HAPPENS WITHOUT REASON... And then he did that corny hand-slide-exchange thing when he wanted to see my blade!!! :O
Idk what to do. I mean, he's not bad at all, but still...
I just realized that no one want to hear this. I mean, only like 5 of my subs read my post, on a great day...
All whelllll not one fuck is given. I'm gunna try to sleep. I need to bring the bottle of melatonin with me upstairs...
See you! I'll still be on! In the morning, I mean.
Yeah, because I'll still be online when I'm REM'in at 4. Lol

Distrubuting All My Peeps

Congrats to me, gals, as I have reached 3,000 views a while ago. I would of said something a while ago, but doing nothing all the time really makes you want to procrastinate. As for this inreachment of 3,000 views, I've decited that I shall ...

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Wishful Cosplay

Yeah, my eyes hurt, I am really tired, but I have GNATS in my room and it's making me paranoid ( like I wasn't already). I'm typing this from my IPod, and it is a bit hard to use, so bear with this 11:30 post plz. Now to what I really want t...

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I felt like blurbing something...
I want to take fencing lessons. I need to make plans...