Hello! I am the owner of this world, ZelostheGreat, and this world focuses of the outspoken rambelings and questions that I ask. If I ask any questions, friends or not, feel free to awnser with honest heart~! Feel free to comment, P.M. me if you have any questions about anything (within certian limits. I'm no engineer ). I also have a large supply of worlds that need people, so if you like RPG worlds, contact me. Maybe I can hook you up?

Here's some info~~!!!

Name: Eden
Age: "3"
Likes: Vocaloid, Portals, Halos, Elder Scrolls, Animal Crossings, Pokemons, Bruce Willis, YouTube, Minecrafts, Money, Ice Tea, Subways (as in underground), Zambies, Cats, Summer, people, sleeping, swimming, and Salt and Vinagar chips (extra strong kind), (K/C)athrine, anime, music, clay, paint.
Dislikes: Buttracks, bad breath, punishent (verbal), fear, nickels, pie, planes, and, umm... Other stuff.
Is good at: being cheery, making fun of stuff, bulling littlekids, and making weird faces. My best thing is making perverted jokes.
Is bad at: Arguing, having a good self-esteem, and other stuff.
Animes watched/watching: MY Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Soul Eater, Special A, Panty and STocking with Garterbelt, OHSHC, Puella Magi Madoka★Magica and others.

This sog has some... Certian words in it. This is such a great cover! Miku-tan is epic!

(*) Broiche recipie for my gang!
(*) My Fav. Producer Playlist~!

Upcoming Project-ish Crap

If I were to have a mascot... If I were to have a mascot...
Would it be a boy or a girl...?
Girl. I think...
And she would have short pink hair... A weak, feeble personality... And Lavender eyes... Now, the only thing to do now is DRAW~!! But what should she wear?!?!?!


You get it, right?


Hi guys! I have been too busy to pst anything! I've been to busy talking to the AI Cleverbot... It's so... Captivating... I forget that it is just a robot sometimes... Lols.

My Favorite Channel

Up! Left! Right! Right! Right!
Down! Up! Down! Up! Chu! Chu! Chu!
Oh No! Eden Apperared!


People posted in the Library before I could finnish!!!! Noooo!!! My life is over!!!!! It's no use to finnish now!!! (imagine me rolling on the floor)