Yes Hime, a Pink. WORLD.

My dear friends of theO, this is where you can well... go crazy. Post what you like, whenever you like, don't hold back, all the other guest posters are as weird as you. And if you're wondering about the world, and why the hell it's pink when I obviously hate pink with every fiber of my being... Well the thing is, when I was younger, my dad would always get me these chocolates, that were decorated with pink and brown swirls or stripes. So it just reminds me of a happier time... and chocolate. I do love chocolate...

I was also thinking that maybe I could have like a theme week on here... like... Anime at the Beach... and whoever posted the best Picture pertaining to the theme, gets a wallpaper or card made by me! Sounds like fun right? Tell me what you think, I get bored easily, so anything to put it off... would make me so uberly happy. I loves you all! But not as much as chocolate, chocolate is my love.

Random picture... don't ask...

Anna Blue - So Alone

Alex showed me this song the other day, i really love the lyrics to the song. The animation is very pretty too. So listen or die!

a friend and his gf

this is for a friend of mine and his girlfriend

First Tag, On here.

Rules!!! -You must answer all the question truthfully.. -Tag at least 6 people after you've done and inform them on their pages... -Tell what do you think of these question to the person who tagged you...let them taste your blad...

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Emilie Autumn FTW

I noticed I'm a guest poster here, so I figured I'd spread the plague of Emilie Autumn for the hell of it. This is just a cover, but it's girly, and pink is also girly, and yeah. XD *shutting up now*


Slayers - Get along

This is from one of my all time favorite animes called slayers, it a very funny action/comedy/fantasy anime. I downloaded all of season one onto my other computer, now my hard drive is almost full *sweat drop* and i wont delete anything to make room, i'm terrible. When i get around to building my new computer it will have a 1TB hard drive (For those that don't know TB is terabyte which is 1000GB) so space on my hard drive wont be a problem lol. Once i build it, i will transfer all my anime to the new computer, and then download slayers season 2 and 3 ^^ anyway enjoy the song.