Ayame on a Plane

Right, so this didn't come right the first time, so I'm reposting it. I blame my horrible computer . . .
Anyway, inspired by Auraelys' card 'Snake on a Plane', so, partial credit there, I guess. If its been done, don't bite my head off, Just comment, let me know what you think.
Also, this may or may not be considered part one, it depends on if my creativity levels go back up!

"Yuki-kun!!!" Ayame stepped through the front door of Shigure's house and pranced into the kitchen where Yuki and Tohru were making dinner.
"Ayame-san!" cried Tohru, "It's so good to see you! Lucky you came when you did, I can still make dinner for you!"
"Excellent, Tohru-chan!! Though I positively adore your cooking, I came for quite another reason entirely."

"And what might that be?" asked Yuki, regarding his brother suspiciously.
"I have come to extend an invitation," replied Ayame dramatically, "to my dearest brother! I wish for you to come on an extravagant vacation to the gorgeous island of Fiji!"
Yuki stared at his brother. "Fiji?" he said. "You want me to go to Fiji? With you?"
"Mhmm!" Ayame nodded enthusiastically as he continued to dance around the room. Yuki blinked once. Twice. He watched as Ayame spun, bounced and pirouetted around the room.

"No," he said flatly and returned to the carrots he had been chopping before Ayame had disturbed his temporarily peaceful life. Behind him, Ayame had stopped his odd salute to joy and stared at his brother's back.
"But Yuki-kuuuuuuun!!" he wailed."Don't you want to get to know your older brother?"

Yuki could feel Tohru's eyes on him. He knew she wanted him to give Ayame a chance. 'All right,' he thought. 'For Tohru.'
Yuki sighed. "I'll go." he said. Ayame stood from where he had collapsed on the floor (from pure agony, I'm sure).

"Oh, Yuki!" he cried and flung himself at his little brother. "I've never been so happy! I could only dream of the day when we - "
"Wait," interrupted Yuki. "There's one condition."
Ayame stared intently at his little brother. "Anything!" he promised.
"I want to bring Tohru."

Tohru let out a small cry of surprise, as she so often did, and Ayame's face went blank for a short second. Then he lit up with a huge grin.
"Of course!" Ayame began to dance once again. "We shall bring our Princess Tohru! I'll even take her shopping for a new swimsuit!"

Yuki reached out and whacked Ayame across the back of the head, entirely silencing him. "You'll do no such thing!" No way was that pervert going to take Tohru swimsuit shopping.

"Besides I already have one!" piped in Tohru. "I still have the pink one Yuki, Kyo, Hana and Uo gave me last summer."
"Then its settled!" declared Ayame. "Tohru, Yuki and I shall go to Fiji!"

"You're going to Fiji?" Shigure appeared in the doorway.
"Gure-san!" cried Ayame when he laid eyes on his friend. "Oh, how long its been!"
"Too long indeed," replied Shigure. "Perhaps we should catch up with one another? Fiji seems like an excellent place to do so."
"Of course! Of course!" exclaimed Ayame. "We shall bring Shigure with us!"

"By the way, Tohru," said Shigure, ignoring Ayame as he danced around Yuki in little circles. "What is that delicious smelling stew you're cooking?"


"You're going to Fiji?" asked Kyo. It was the next morning and he was munching on a piece of toast. Kyo had been at the dojo the night before and had missed all the excitement. "Well, have fun."
Tohru looked up from her own breakfast. "Wait!" she said. "Don't you want to come with us?"

Kyo couldn't stand the way she was looking at him. She wasn't sad, or angry, just ... well, what? He sighed. "Well, I dunno." He stared at the floor. Kyo knew Tohru wanted him to come, and even though Yuki wasn't up yet, Kyo knew he wouldn't want him to come. That thought clinched it. No way was Yuki going to have Tohru to himself!

"All right, I'll come," Kyo said. Tohru smiled and Shigure raised his eyebrows. "Well now our little party has reached a population of five. Who else could we possibly bring?"
"Whaddya mean poplationa five?" Yuki came downstairs looking like the 'morning person' we all know he is.
"Kyo is coming with us," answered Shigure simply.
"Ugh," replied Yuki as he practically collapsed into the eggs Tohru had prepared for him.


"Ha-kun! Ha-kun, please!? Please come with us!" pleaded Momiji. Tohru, Ayame and Shigure were at the main house to invite Hatori and Momiji to Fiji. Yuki and Kyo had decided against going to the main house; they 'had other things to do.'
Shigure had insisted that they leave the his house. "I want it to be there when I come back!" he chided playfully. Yuki and Kyo rolled their eyes.

"It'll be the Mubadachi Trio all over again!" said Ayame. "Please Tori-kun! Come with us!"
"Don't call me Tori-kun," Hatori said sharply. Then he sighed. "All right I'll come."
Ayame and Momiji let out cries of joy and Shigure nodded approvingly.

"So," Hatori continued. "When is the plane leaving? What airport? What hotels are booked?" He took in their blank stares. "You haven't planned any of this, have you?" he asked wearily.

Ayame's eyes glazed over for a moment, then he said "Well, Tori-kun, we were hoping that you might do us the honour of - "
"Forget it," interrupted Hatori. "If I'm going with you then all the effort I'm putting into it is packing."


"Well, I sure as hell aren't going to do it," said Kyo stubbornly. Tohru, Shigure and Momiji had returned to Shigure's house after visiting Hatori. They were discussing who would plan their vacation while enjoying a simple lunch of leftover stew and onigiris.

"I'm not sure I could plan a trip that everyone likes," said Yuki. "And I still have alot of things to do for student coucil,"

"Then its settled," said Shigure. "I will plan our trip!"
"NO!" yelled Yuki and Kyo in unison. The two glared at each other for a moment before returning to their meal.

"Why don't I do it?" asked Momiji. "It would be fun!"
"I could help if you'd like," offered Tohru, smiling.
"Yay!" cried Momiji. "Let's do it! What to you guys think?" He turned expectantly to Shigure, Kyo and Yuki.

"Sure, I don't see why not," said Shigure.
"Yeah, whatever," muttered Kyo.
Yuki glanced at Tohru then shrugged. "Okay," he agreed.


Much excitment came in the days that followed. Tohru and Momiji booked planes, car rentals and hotels. Yuki and Kyo argued over how much the other could pack. Tohru told Uo and Hana where they were going, and the girls rushed over to Shigure's to give instructions on care of Tohru.

"Don't give her any weird island food," said Uo. "She could be allergic."
"And make sure she wears sunscreen," added Hana. "She burns easily."
"And she is not cooking for you very night," contined Uo. "It's her vacation too, you know. Take her out to eat"
"Tohru, do you have everything?" asked Hana. "You don't need anything?"

"I'm fine!" insisted Tohru, smiling as always. It felt as though she had already said it a thousand times. "Don't worry!"

Uo smiled. "I know, I worry too much! Come here and give me a hug before you go! You too Hana."

The three girls stood together for a moment, counting their blessings. Tohru had gone away before, but never outside of Japan. It would be a little adventure for Hana and Uo, knowing that Tohru was not within walking or even driving distance.

"I promise I'll send you each a postcard everyday!" said Tohru. "I'll miss you!"


"Ugh!" Yuki sighed as he finally sat (almost collapsed, actually) into his seat on the plane. The group had gotten through airport security with no problems whatsoever.

"Finally!" cried Ayame, throwing his hands in the air before collapsing into the seat next to Yuki. Several people turned to stare.

"Jeez, will ya shut up?" asked Kyo irritably. On top of his frustrations with Ayame, Kyo was having issues with the dark clouds that threatened a storm.

Tohru sat on the other side of Yuki, and Kyo took the aisle seat next to Tohru. Hatori took the window seat in front of them and fell asleep. Momiji sat beside Hatori and Shigure beside Momiji. An elderly lady took the aisle seat next to Shigure and the two struck up a lively conversation about Shigure's books. He ended up very flattered and giving her an autograph.

By the time the plane took off, about forty minutes later, Ayame was practically bored out of his skull. Yuki, who was becoming increasingly annoyed, suggested he watch a movie.

Ayame's face lit up. "Of course!" he cried, attracting more stares. "I've got just the thing!" He reached into his carry-on bag and pulled out a copy of Snakes on a Plane. "I'll ask the captain to put it on!" And he disappeared down the aisle.

Yuki glanced at Tohru. Her eyelids were drooping, but she didn't seem to be quite asleep yet. Yuki considered waking her but decided against it. The movie would probably scare her.

Ayame returned from the cabin grinning triumphantly. "The movie will begin momentarily!" he announced loudly. Tohru stirred and opened her eyes.

"Mmm ... " she sighed and rubbed her eyes. She sat up straight and looked at Ayame. "Movie?"

"Yup!" said Ayame, returning to his seat next to Yuki. "About snakes!"

Tohru smiled. "That sounds like fun!"

"Uh, Tohru?" Yuki did not want Tohru watching that film, especially when they were on a plane somewhere over an ocean. "Maybe ... Maybe you should just go back to sleep. This movie ... well, it's not really ... uh ..."

"It's scary, isn't it?" asked Tohru. She had such an innocent look on her face. Yuki wanted to slap himself for suggesting the movie. He looked away, angry and disappointed in himself. He knew she scared easily.

"Do you remeber when we went to the haunted house?" she asked. "With Hatsuharu, Momiji and Kyo?"

Kyo pulled his gaze from the window at mention of his name.

"Yes," replied Yuki. "Yes, I remember."

"I was scared at first," continued Tohru. "But then Hatsuharu told us that story about one of the manequins. Then I wasn't afraid anymore. I'll do the same thing with this movie, and if it's too much, I'll go back to sleep."

Yuki looked at Tohru for a moment, then gave in. "All right," he said. "But please tell me if you're afraid."


Thirty minutes later the scarier part of the film had begun, and the other passengers seemed nervous. Who could blame them? Yuki cursed himself again for suggestiong the movie. Tohru was tuning in and out of the movie, obviously following Hatsuharu's advice, and smiling from time to time. Kyo was still staring out the window, trying desperately hard to ignore Ayame, who felt he needed to commentate on the snakes' point of view.

"See, you can't tell, but those two anacondas are madly in love!" he said passionately. "And those cobras, well, they - "

"Will you shut up?!" yelled Kyo. Yuki sighed as, once again, people turned to stare.

The film continued in this manner for another hour or so until the credits finally started rolling across the screen.

"Oh, my!" gasped Ayame, wiping a tear from his eye. "What a story! What romance! Oh, the passion! The - "

"Did you even watch it?" demanded Kyo. He struggled to keep his voice down, but his frustration was obvious. "It wasn't romantic at all! People were dropping dead all over the place!"

"Well, from Ayame's point of view, it may have been," said Tohru, trying to keep the peace.

"Whatever," muttered Kyo. He hated that she was so ... so what? Calm? Observant? What was that word ... the one for getting what other people wanted to say, what they felt? Well, whatever it was, she sure was good at it. It sort of creeped him out, that she knew those things, but somehow, it felt right.

Kyo looked out the window again, remembering his dream. He couldn't get attached. It was better that way, for both of them. Kyo sighed. The trip was only half over.

"Well, then!" said Ayame. "We should watch the film again!" He stood and headed for the front of the plane.

"No, Nii-san!" Yuki also stood. "Everyone has had enough of your movie! Sit down!"

Before Ayame could respond, the stewardess came out of the flight deck and asked the two of them to sit down. "Please, sirs," she said politely, "We're about to experience some turbu - "

She suddenly toppled over as the plane jerked, and fell right on top of Ayame! He disappeared in to puff of orange smoke and a snake lay in his place on the floor.

"Oh!" she exclaimed. "Sir! My sincerest apolo - " She screamed and stood up pointing at the floor. "Snake! It's a snake!"

The elderly lady next to Shigure screamed and soon the whole plane was a hectic, jostling mass of shrieking people. The noise woke Hatori. He sat up, looked around, cought sight of Ayame, and sighed. 'I knew this trip would be trouble,' he thought. Hatori stood and tried to make his way over to the small, gray snake, but was pushed back and away from Ayame.

Tohru had dropped to the floor in an attempt to get to Ayame. She began to crawl around poeple and under chairs.

"Honda-san!" called Yuki. "What are you doing?!"

"Tohru! Get out of there before you get hurt!" yelled Kyo.

Tohru looked over at her friends. Yuki was struggling to stand in all the commotion and Kyo was holding the arm of a chair to stay standing. She cast them an apologetic look and continued.

"Ayame!" she called. "Ayame, where are you?"

"He's over there!" called Shigure. He was trying to help his elderly fan off the floor.

Tohru turned to direction he was pointing. There, beneath a chair, sat Ayame. Amazingly, he seemed unscathed. "Ayame!" she called again. This time, the snake gave a small jerk of surprise. He slithered cautiously and quickly across the floor into Tohru's outstretched arms.

"I've got him!" Tohru shouted to her friends.

"Yay, Tohru!" cried Momiji, clapping his hands. Yuki and Kyo sighed with releif. "It's amazing she didn't get stepped on!" said Yuki.

"You're a hero!" someone in the back started cheering and soon the whole plane was applauding Tohru. She looked arouind in surprise. "Oh! No, it was nothing, really, I just ..." But they didn't listen to her protests, they just continued to cheer her on.

The stewardess stood and tried to catch the passengers' attention. She was looking very ruffled after her attempts to restore calm and order. "Please!" she called. "Could everyone please sit down? We need to assess any injuries!"

The passengers sat and looked around expectantly, waiting for someone to report a snake bite, or perhaps a broken bone. No one stood or drew any attention to themselves at all.

"Wait!" called the elderly lady. "Where's that long haired fellow?"

"Oh, you mean Ayame," said Shigure, thinking quickly. "He went to the bathroom. I'll go get him ... and I'll put the snake somewhere safe." As Shigure stood up, he casually snatched Ayame's clothes off the floor and discreetly hid them in the enormous sleeves of his traditional robe. He gently took Ayame from Tohru and gave her an amused look.

"Never boring with us, is it?" he asked.

Tohru just laughed lightly and returned to her seat.