Soryn Magi Vinci

Name- Soryn Magi Vinci
Gender- Male
Age- Looks about 19, Is 307
Race- Morovlick Elf (will put up stats about my elves later)
Eyes- Icy blue/green, left eye is forever closed.
Hair- Straight shoulder length layered hair that is normally pulled back into a ponytail that reaches his mid back. Bangs cover his left eye.
Likes- Dried fruit and meat, woodlands, fresh fish, nighttime, autumn, winning, running, wings, music, following his own path, fighting.
Dislikes- Vegetables, humans, bombs, winter, afternoons, losing, chipmunks, ladybugs, his dad, war, feeling alone.
Personality- Upon meeting Soryn one would think he was raised like a prince, he is very poised, clam, and respectful.
Getting to know him he is, self absorbed, violent, competitive.
Truly understanding him one will find that he actually is very crazy, loud, wise, and friendly.
Other- Covered in scars, main one is over left eye.

He and my other Soryn are kinda related I guess. One is earth Soryn and the other is the Soryn from my planet.

Will have a pic up one day cause I don't feel like explaining is outfit.