Jamie and Zen- Best Friends Forever!

Jamie and Zen met right after High School ended. They both moved to the rural area in their state, Jamie with her mom, and Zen on her own. Jamie decided to head out to the lake, and so did Zen. When Jamie overheard Zen say something about the Bubblegum Girls, she instantly decided that Zen didn't need any extra friends. When the mosqitous came out, Zen decided to head home. Zen saw Jamie walking home. "Hi!" Zen said. "You must be the girl next door. I'm Zen! Wanna be friends?" "Um, sure. I'm Jamie." Jamie said. Zen offered to drive her around, and Jamie accepted her offer. They talked in Zen's car, realizing they will be best friends forever.

Zen- Pixelchu http://sketchfu.com/profile/Pixelchu
Jamie: Me (DFTBA5) http://sketchfu.com/profile/dftba5