this is the world that lets me be myself ,I have a hard time at school and with my grandma so I turned to music and anime
My best fiend are the coolest people ever they understand me even though I'm hard to get along with.
My favorite groups are Blood On The Dance,Creed,Black Vail Bride,Buckcherry,Nickelback,and Smashing pumpkin
MY favorite animes are Souleater, Deadman wounder land, and that's a zombie, and a bunch more.
My favorite thing to do is draw, write poetry and write stories.
My favorite foods are anything that don't eat me or stinks.
My favorites comics are sailor moon,absolute boyfriend, and a bunch of others.
I'm a girl with the life of a boy and my best friend loves me for me and nothing well change that except that he is moving away.

poetry (roes are red and vilots are blue without you i would die)

Roses are red and vilots are blue, with very thing you do for me i owe you and shall pay you back but I turned you away.

I said i love you and walked awa