Axis Powers Fan art wip

A wip fan art of Italy, Germany and Japan >u< .. They all looks gay.. I'm sorry TT ^ TT ..

2011-2012 improvement?

Both are my OCs.

2011 - Marco
2012 - Andariel Noire

I did improve *A* am I?

The walking dead

I missed watching The Walking Dead.. I wish it's October naww~~~.. My favorite character is Daryl Dixon.. ♥u♥ Omg~~ I love him~~ He's cool and strong. I want more daryl~~~~~~~♥♥ ( ~ ♥u♥)~

Andariel Noire in the making X3

Sketched it in paper and line art and colored it in paint tool sai.

Original characters [sketches]

Yay! first post ( ~ >w<)~

I sketched my original characters ( old ). There are 20 of them *A* my newest OCs aren't include here~~ Will sketch them later.. >u<