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Ooh, so tiresome...

Don't worry, I'm not tired of you guys-yet. It's just that my college reopens Monday, and I'll be really, really busy since I'm a senior now. I therefore think that I won't really be able to post or make wallies right now.

I'm not leaving just yet, but I might be 'dormant' for a month or two. Keep up the good work, guys!


OK, I need your help.

I need someone to please point me to a tutorial on vectoring, preferably vectoring on GIMP. I've finally worked up the courage to go back to wallie-making, but vectoring is the one obstacle I need to cross.

So, please take a few seconds of your time to find me a good tutorial on vectoring in GIMP. I assure you, once I get the hang of it, I will dedicate the wallpaper to you, so it won't be a 'bottomless pit of charity' case.



OK,'s not that bad.

So, I've pretty much apostated my apostasy of anime. Yes, Haruka, I like anime again. TTGL really re-enervated my otaku drive.

I've finally pinpointed what went wrong with me...It was FMA 2. It's just a sorry rehash of the first season; I got so angry and frustrated by that fact that I totally lost my sense of anime decency. TTGL, however, acted like a lifesaver, and healed me from my mortal swoon (Eat Pock-eeh, Shakespeare!). I'm back.

Oh, and PS. I'm not supposed to talk to Australians anymore. We Indians are banning you guys.

And. PPS: I'm kidding. But what's going on there is wrong. I mean WRONG.


Well, hello there, all you gentlefolk!

This is probably the hardest post I've ever had to write. But I have to, because I want y'all to know this.

I just apostated.

If you don't think this confession is serious, I'll tell ya in full: I've apostated from anime.

That's right: I've left the Path of Otaku for good (I think). I just don' anime anymore.

Of course, I'll continue here. And I think I'll still be making wallpapers for y'all, coz I haven't stopped reading manga. more otaku status for me. I don't like anime at all now, and I can't watch it even for a minute without feeling odd and childish.

Sorry for the bombshell.

Short reminder...

What's up, loliladies and gentleotakus? How you guys at?

Well, what else is new with me? Oh, yeah, I've decided to go on sabbatical from wallie-making for a couple of months. Figure it'd do me some good, and I'd be able to come up with some fresh ideas soon.

Not much else up. College's over, and it's summer break time.