Technology Karma


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I am cursed with being a technology jinx FOREVERRRRRRR (or folever as Otani says hehe)

So last night, I stayed up until 4 AM watching a Taiwanese drama and fangirling over Wilber Pan and how I wanted to dress like Rainie Yang. I finished the whole drama LOL. The whole time, I was thinking about how I'd somehow manage to learn Chinese without actually speaking it. Then suddenly, 6 random phrases came to mind and so I spent the longest time saying them to myself for no apparent reason at all. /weirdo LOL

Anyways, After that, it was, of course, 4AM in the morning and I would have to wake up at 8AM (eeeeeeee sleep deprivation: the reason why I'm so short rofl), and so I went to sleep without listening to my iPod for the first time since I bought it. After that, I had this really weird dream about rainbow ponies and kangaroos and whatnot, and my iPod was the farmer that took care of my rainbow farm and other assorted accessories, animals and items. Then suddenly a pig pushed my iPod into this pile of mud and it died. o___o (FORESHADOWINGGGG. Ever since I watched Miss No Good, I'm kinda starting to believe in creepy supernatural stuff lol)

So I woke up earlier than I was supposed to (omg like 3 hours of sleep /baggy eyes) and I frolicked around for no apparent reason throughout the house. I had to go to school, and so I packed my backpack, got my iPod ready, and then left the house with my parents. It turns out that I hadn't charged my iPod for the last 3 days so it was completely dead (meh, my fault for watching so much Kaichou wa Maid Sama on it without caring to charge for even a minute). Oh well. I took it to school anyway, I dunno why... I just did.

And then at school, being the naive I-trust-everyone-as-my-bff that I am, decided to leave all of my stuff and iPod out in plain sight as I went somewhere random for 5 minutes (I know, I know. Why would I ever think of doing that?) When I came back, my iPod was gone. I asked the people next to me and they just nonchalantly told me that it was stolen by this girl who walked up to it, picked it up, and just left.

IT MUST BE BAD KARMA. THIS IS THE SECOND IPOD THAT I'VE LOST. (For the first, I accidentally dropped my iPod outside in my driveway and when I realized that it was in the driveway, it had already rained and so yeah, RIP. <3) I think technology has something against me. I also had two computers. Both died. For my first computer, I was watching random anime on my laptop on my belly when my parents called me over to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with them (it was airing on the TV), so I happily pranced over after leaving my lights off... and the mouse on my laptop.

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WHYYYY? /dies

As you can probably guess, I came back to my room at 10:30 at night after eating way too many snacks, and I completely forgot that my mouse was on my laptop... and it was dark. So I slammed the laptop shut (or at least tried to) and my whole screen went WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and it bled.

I could still see my files, so I moved them all over to my mom's desktop temporarily, and then I just threw away my laptop without even caring to take out the hard drive. Silly me. x)
Anyways, my second computer's situation was even worse. Anyways, so I used to go on a gaming site around 15 hours a day doing who knows what, and so I used my laptop for that and about everything else. That didn't seem to do anything though.

AND THEN my iPod broke. I /usually/ can't go to sleep without listening to my iPod, so I kept thinking to myself "WHAAAT I NEED MUSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC". Of course, what did I do? Use my computer. That's right.

ANYWAYS, so I was playing games, going on online boards, doing barely any homework, etc, in the morning, and then at night, I listened to it (and I kept it on all night because I don't want it to stop while I'm awake). Of course, since it was summer at the time, I'd start playing games in the morning again, which means that I ended up keeping my laptop on 24/7 during summer vacation because of my iPod deprivation (WHY IPOD WHY).

My hard drive died. OF COURSE. Silly me for not keeping the hard drive of my old computer. Things would be so simple then fufufufufufufu.

And then USBS. omg. I have gotten at least 5 USBS during my lifetime from various sources/stores/school. I have lost every/single/one/of/them. Especially when I need to print some homework out. Now, I just use my email because I can't lose my email and I can print stuff out without having to carry a meddlesome little thing that I'll most likely forget about after 1 minute.

SPEAKING OF WHICH-have you ever thought about something, then forgotten what you were thinking about a millisecond afterwards? Or held something in your hand, and have NO idea how it got there? Or put something somewhere, and then have no idea where you put it? Yeah, me every second of my life. This is the reason why I have to do my math homework during first period; it's not because I don't do the homework. It's because I always lose all of my homework AFTER I finish it. Yup. Thank goodness I can solve 30 pre-calc problems in 13 minutes without having my AP teacher notice.

And last thing concerning technology: never buy expensive stuff. It will be cheaper in the not-so-near future. My parents bought a computer for 1000 dollars at Best Buy. Now, it's one of the worst computers anyone could even think about buying. I bought a computer for $750 at Best Buy, and now they sell a BETTER model from the same company for $349. This is why I'm going to wait until eternity and beyond to get a laptop for college. YAY FOR CHEAPNESS!

My little sister has an iPod, but she never uses it (she already has all of her music on her kindle lol) so she just gave it to me. AND HER EARPHONES TOO! woo. I'm so spoiled. ;____; Dear technology, please don't give me anymore bad karma kthnxbai. I don't want this to be dead iPod #3. XDD

Anyways, sorry for the long and incessant blurb, but feel free to laugh at my forgetfulness and idiocy. x)

If I could write English papers as quickly as I write blurbs... omg. The time I'd save to do other pointless things that aren't related to academics.... ;D

And of course, one of my favorite songs to conclude this long research paper.

AJ. :o

And lolol I got a 40% on the How Asian Are You? quiz. And I'm Asian. I'M A FAILURE AT LIFE.
loljk. butsrsly. o3o
/dies from sugar rush