Hello my name is justin360, you can call me justin or whatever you like......
family units:mom and sister
interests:music, sk8boarding, anime ofcourse, the internet, and cheese
fav music:trance techno metal and ofcourse cradle of fith
fav sk8r:besides me, mike v
fav anime: right now code geass
fav manga: + anima
fav cheese: edible kind

sheck out meh youtube! www.youtube.com/justtin360

i love cheese

i love the taste of cheeseExternal Image

life is hard for a skater

life for a skater is hard but fun, you have your good days and your bad days, you really have to commit to it and practice everyday, or youre body will not be in tune with the flow and consistancy needed for skateboarding. you have to be able to take a hard fall, and you must never be afraid to fall, because "if you dont fall how will you know what its like to get back up."-roll bounce When you fall you must get back up(people will think your dead if not)or you will never be able to master this art. so my advice to all skaters is to practice every day, and never take out aggresion by snapping a board(it takes money to get a new one).