Hello everyone! It is I, PandaChanX3! Welcome to Just Random, a world for just about anything. I hope you enjoy it here, and go ahead and post anything you want! I think... ^ . ^ Just make sure it's PG 13 or lower. (that rule sucks but we'll just have to go with it ^ ^)



Hey everyone , I know I haven't been on in a loooong time and I wanted to apologize for that ! I have hardly been around a computer to get on , and I've been crazy busy this year . We've reached 813 views in the time I've been gone though ! Woot ! I hope to be more active (:

I also wanted to say that I'm thinking of posting a picture of myself so you can all see how I really look ; so feedback will be nice ! Yes or No ? Let me know please ! xD

Merry Christmas !! X3

Hey guys (and Gals) ! I haven't been on in a while , but I'm on now , so enjoy it !!! Lol , just kidding . Well , here's a little something for the holidays .

Merry Christmas !! X3

I'm Not Dead !!!

Well , first and foremost , Happy Glu-Glu day everyone !!!!!!!! uhm , yeah I haven't been on here in who knows how long . Yeah , Well , I'm going to try to get on more often , but I don't have a computer so.....whenever I come over to my Gramma's house I'll get on and post regularly.

Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving !! X3

Dei's toxic X)

Hey people! I'm back! I'm not dead! I know I haven't posted anything in who-knows how long, so, I decided to post this X) My current favorite song, and one of my favorite Naruto characters. Enjoy ^^

Wasn't it just awesome? I love that version better than Britney Spears' verrsion. Comment, PM, tell me what you think! ^^

Gomenasai >.<

Kon'nichiwa! I haven't posted anything in who-knows how long. So I'l tell you why.
1. I don't have a computer at the momment
2. This month has been very busy for me, being hispanic and all
3. I don't know what to post anymore!!! Help?
I can't post a picture or video at the momment because I have a time limit to watch Kuroshitsuji 2 and then get off. But I will, eventually ^^