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Proctect Yourself From Bootleggers part 2

Bootleg anime cds

CD bootlegs are slightly trickier to spot

The CD will be made by either SonMay or EverAnime; both of those companies are well-known CD bootleggers.
SonMay logo
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EverAnime logo
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Even if you can't spot these logos on the CDs themselves, you can usually ask the seller and they'll tell you if they were produced by one of these companies.The prices at which the CD bootlegs usually sell is around $10 (sometimes more, sometimes less). For a legit Japanese CD, that might just barely cover the shipping charges. If someone can afford to charge that little for a Japanese CD and they aren't running at a loss, then something fishy is up. This is a good sign that what you're being sold is a bootleg.

Proctect Yourself From Bootleggers part 1

Anime Cons are a great place to meet anime fans, go to workshop, panels, and get autograohs but there are also the place where the evil of evil live bootleggers O.O!!!!!!!! As a fan you should proctect yourself from these evil leeches who want you money and uses your fandom to get to it. This is a guide to help you spot the fakes.

Bootleg DVD

Region Coding - If the Dvd is Region 0 or All Regions (also known as Region free) then be extremely careful as very small percentage (less than 1%) of legitimate dvds have no region coding.

Chinese Writting - this is a dead giveaway and is the number 1 way to spot a bootleg.

Title of Listing - almost all the listings with the heading 'ENG DUB' are selling a bootleg from Hong Kong.

Price - Look at the price, if the seller is selling 26 episode boxset at $10-20 for a 26 episode series then it's most likely a bootleg as these prices are too good to be true

Packaging - If the anime comes in an fold out style case then it's a bootleg. No official US dvds use this style of packaging.

If you choose to buy bootlegs because its cheaper please check out theses sites for cheap legal anime dvds and

Hope this helps and remember only you can protect yourself from Bootleggers.

Youtube is region free

Comapanies like Bandai and Funimation have anime on there youtube site and youtube is region free. Please understand not anime on youtube is legal alot of it is actually illegal and fansubbed so please make sure you check the username of who posted the video if its BandaiEntertainment or FUNimation its legal videos they posted for anyone to watch.

Bandai Entertainment has over 40 videos posted has over 1000 videos posted


Legal Ways To Enjoy Anime For Free

If you go to you can watch hours upon hours of FUNimation anime including but not limited to Ouran High School Host Club, Aquarion, Baccano, Black Blood Brothers, Darker Than Black ,Negima!, Negima 2, Romeo X Juliet, the Wallflower and much much more. If you don't like dubs they have subtitle only versions as well.

You can also watch Naruto Shippuden as it comes out in Japan on subtitled only. Also available Bleach, Gun Frontier, Death Note, and again much much more. ( from what I know is only available in the U.S.)

Free anime on your computer and its legal cheers!!!!!!!!!

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Not So Fun Fact Number 1!!

Did you know that downloading fansubs means your not really a fan? Think about a fan is someone who supports the person they are a fan to (by buying there products). By downloading fansubs or buying a bootleg you are hurting the person you are a "fan" to (but your not really a fan).

EX. Bleach: I download episode 204 last week its so sweet I am huge Bleach fan.

More then likely this person is not buying the DVDs of Bleach as they come out in the U.S. Also more then likely they "hate" the dub and not watching it on TV ( which helps but DVDs is what drives the anime market) this person is a leech not a fan.

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