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Otaku talk: Anime rooms

It has been some time since I posted here, so not to make it too sudden I will just post a short, but I hope an interesting post nonetheless.

What I want to talk about today is pretty simple. How would you decorate your own anime room?
Most people would probably think twice before doing that, myself included, but wouldn't that be an interesting and fun idea? Though a very expensive one as well...

There are so many ways that you could decorate it, making it only of a certain genre that you like, series, or just everything combined.

Just by putting a wallpaper on your desktop is already a first step towards decorating something and is considered a tribute to that.

External Image

Here is a link of a site called "dannychoo" where you can find many pictures and random topics about anything regarding Japan, from schools, jobs, anime companies there, then to Akihabara and something else...
The rooms itself!

Here are three random links (#1, #2, #3) where you can check some of them, but you can also find other by following the links on the bottom or just some other topics by going to the main page.

Again, to some it might be a little bit too much to make a room like this. To other it could be too expensive. So if nothing we can always find these things online and enjoy in checking them out.

~ As always, thanks for reading!

External Image
(actually wanted to post a pic of my little room, but since I am my college city and not in home, then...)

High school girls...? No, boys this time

This is an article and a short review about one of the newest anime title "Daily lives of High school boys".

Now I will be honest I quite underestimated this anime in the beginning. I thought that it would be a more commercial one, but in fact it was pretty simple and oh so funny and entertaining.

Basically the story follows (in the beginning and most through the story) three main characters. They are, of course, boys and even if it is more comedic anime and it is set through the years of their high school.

Now, even it is set in high school, and the title suggest boys, there are absolutely no perverted fan-service moments! It shows that anime can be well enjoyable and funny even without them and it is a good break from a change of typical comedy that goes around these days.
There are some parts that indicate it, but there are not panty shots or anything like that. It is a pure, realistic, yet absurd show of everyday normal lives.

I could go on talking and talking about it, but there is really too much to say. Each episode is made up of about 6-7 smaller episodes (and a short omake at the end titled "High school girls are funky" where it is about three girls and their viewpoint).

You may not all like this, but why I really liked it is because I could relate to them, especially these three main characters and two of my friends. Maybe the most out of all anime, so this anime was very enjoyable and I hope that you will all enjoy it as well.

On your mark!

As maybe many of you remember me talking about the incredible Studio Ghibli, today I would like to share one of their most famous short Ghibli movies.

As they have the normal ones, they also have these shorter versions usually called Ghiblies, or just Ghibli shorts. They can be only few minutes long but also hold a magical aura around them.

This is one of my favorite and it is a music video directed by Hayao Miyazaki for Chage and Aska and their song On your Mark.

Click above if you want to listen to its song with the anime video. It is wonderful and trust me it will be a well spent six and half minutes of your life.
I would put a youtube video, but I couldn't find a decent one only from their concert (where you can also see the anime footage in the background).

The story follows two policemen who rescued and took care of a fallen angel, rescued first from a extremist religious group and then government. All that followed by a heart warming song...

Otaku talk: AMVs

Today we are going to talk about AMV, or better to say Anime music videos!

There is nothing much to say about them what is not already known. They are very popular today with a huge streaming and many many fans, even more joining and some even becoming otaku or just liking anime because of them.

What they are is the best to explain as 'music combined with anime footage'. They can either be fan or quite professionally made. They also sometimes look very similar to standard anime openings, just that AMV can have more than one anime combined and even be using some of more mediocre scenes.

Today there is a whole section of them, but what is interesting is that AMV has spread in terms of usage and today that name is also used for any other kind of music fan made video, mostly also for video game ones, but also any other, movie kind ones for example.

Here are some of the more professionally put AMVs, but trust me you can find a lot more and find those that suit you and that you like.
What is better maybe you can make some yourself. Why not give it a go?

Another, first impression and talk

Anyone heard about the anime Another? Or maybe, manga or novel? Well this novel (not 100% sure if it was i...

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