World dedicated to what other, then anything what we like about and enjoy. It comes from a far away land… Land called Nihon, or in other way of speaking, Japan.

Definitely take a seat and enjoy, as here will be presented everything that comes from that glorious land and that in general, mostly from animes then from games, movies and even something like culture of them or events.
Expect many random posts and thanks for visiting!!!

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Studio Ghibli

Otaku themes: Light novels

Design of the world done with the help of Hulaberry32!

East was never so close

This was my newest world, the last one that I made. It was made so that I can give dedication to today most famous country in media and electronics and that is Japan. I didn't manage to post as much post and about things that I originally ...

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Studio Ghibli, the true Japanese wonder

~Page 1, introduction~ As for the rest, I will write several parts about this each day, so that you don't have to read all at once. I will also separate them in pages here so that you can easily find them....

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Xenoblade hits the front

I wanted to write the next post about some other Japanese media or items, that we all like (I did about light novels before and next I plan to do ONA and OVA). But I just noticed something today in the news and I wanted to share that.

Have you ever heard of a Japanese RPG called Xenogears? Well it is one of most classic games of it's time, very good one actually.
It had it's unofficial sequel later called Xenosaga!

Here's a screenshot of the game.
External Image

Now something else came out and it is called Xenoblade Chronicles. It is an open end type of RPG from what I understood at seeing it and what I like about it... Is the whole atmosphere and nature of this game. It is so calm and relaxing even to watch. So huge and so mystic, it definitely seems that will keep everyone entertained.
It already proved to be a rival to many known Japanese RPGs, being one of the most sold ones there.
There is a release date for Europe as well and it is in a few days. Soon after that it will be released for Australia, but there are not planned ones for North America. It is said however if it gets well sold here in Europe, they will release it there too. Well knowing what happened to other most cult knowing Japanese RPGs like Dragon Quest 8 and Tales of Vesperia.. There is to be waited, for a miracle!

Xenogears came out on PlayStation, Xenosaga on PlayStation2 and it had two sequels and Xenoblade Chronicles will come out on Wii.

Here is the trailer of the game, I recommend to watch it if you even want to just relax.

Japanese RPGs vs Western RPGs

Today we are going to talk about RPGs. But since this is the world mostly presented for Eastern, so to say Japanese themes, I will try to present to you Japanese RPGs games and their uniqueness and differences between Western ones. So shall we sta...

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Okay, it is open now!! :D My world that I wanted to create long before for all the random and interesting facts about Japan and anime in general.
I finally did it and I hope that you all look forward to the posts that I will be putting here.^^

I decided to go with this design. It is the same just the color is different, I tried with orange one, but for some reason sunset theme adds some unnecessary borders, so I wasn't sure does it look refreshing enough.
At the end I went with this one, but I will see in the near future.^^ Also thanks to Hulaberry32 for giving me advices on the color combination and usage of that background. She will also make the banner for this world.

As for this world I already have some plans what to put. So imagine something like combination of many many other worlds all thrown together.


First short interesting fact that I will put here is the emoticons fact. You probably all didn't knew but there is two division of emoticons (or three but some place the Korean ones next to Japanese ones together).
For example everyone uses the basic ":D :P 8O :3 >:-D" and so and so on emoticons.. But actually, these are so called "Western ones". Eastern or Japanese ones are something in terms of "^_^ ^-^ -_-' @[email protected]" and many more, some so complex that they are even hard to remember. Now there are also Korean ones. They go well with Japanese since they use them together and the most famous one that I have also seen here is the "OTL" one.


I hope that you all enjoyed this random fact guys and have a nice day!! ^_^