Hello and welcome to Keba's Anime and Manga Place (KAAMP for short)! Here at KAAMP, I write about anime and manga that I have seen/read as well as my views on them. I'll also post about my original stories from time to time.

Just beware that some of my posts contain spoilers. I'll put them in spoiler tags just in case.

KAAMP's history: KAAMP was created in July 2002 by yours truly. It was a sloppy-looking website on Yahoo's now defunct Geocities. I posted my anime fan art on that site. Also, for a time, I posted my thoughts on the few anime series that I had seen. Now that I look back on it, my thoughts were rather ill-informed (is that even a word?) because I had only seen bits and pieces of anime dubs. Now that I've seen more series, I think that my commentary on various anime will be a little better than before.

So, come on in and stay awhile! KAAMP is now in session.

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My computer diied. I typed a long message on my mom's iPad to that effect, but then the stupid thing froze up on me. It'll be some time before I come back for reall. In the meantime, I will lurk.

Sorry for the typos.. This mini keyboard is a pain in the rump.

in the meantime, anyone know of a good brand of PC for artists?

ACen Wrap-Up

I had a blast at Anime Central. Here's a brief recap of what I did.

  • Stayed up late the night before working on my vest
  • Got very little sleep
  • Went grocery shopping IN FULL COSPLAY (So an alchemist and a homunculus walk into a Trader Joe's...)
  • Listened to the FMAB soundtrack waaaaay too much
  • Toured the exhibition hall
  • Participated in the weirdest FMA photoshoot ever
  • Ate overpriced food
  • Randomly burst into song
  • Took photos of impressive Pokemon cosplays
  • Went to a panel on improv and made a friend of mine thoroughly uncomfortable
  • Had to remove my boots midday Saturday because THEY FREAKIN' HURT (the floor was so cold, but I wasn't in as much pain)
  • Got lost getting to the parking garage
  • Got my picture taken a few times
  • Walked around with a sign advertising $1.00 hugs
  • Made $1.00 as a result of the sign
  • Hung out at the Crunchyroll livestream with a guy dressed as Michael Jackson
  • Participated in a contest and almost won
  • Went to a panel all about anime cats
  • Ran into my costume-less brother and his girlfriend a couple times
  • Spent too much money on both FMAB box sets (but I got 'em!)

As you can see, I did a lot, but there were a few things that I didn't get a chance to do such as take more photos, go to more panels (many of the ones I wanted to go to took place at the same time as the photoshoots I attended), and meet the Otakuites that I knew were coming to ACen. Still it was a fulfilling long weekend, and I am very tired.

Unwanted Hiatus OVER!

I'm typing this post from my mom's computer because my computer's screen went out two days ago. That's why I haven't been around. As you know, the timing couldn't have been much worse, with the Comment Slam up and running and ACen in two days. At least a repair person is coming tomorrow. Hopefully, he can fix things. Otherwise, I'll have to get a new computer, which will be a pain in the butt. I'll keep you guys posted when I can.

OK, so now my computer is working fine all of a sudden. I don't know what happened. All I know is that I should probably start shopping for a new one. This makes me kind of sad because I love my baby. *Cries.*

Entering Challenges

There are two Challenges that I want to enter, but I don't know what to do for them. Any input would be most helpful.

The first is Toya's Challenge which is basically to enter some traditional art. Since that's kind of broad, I have no idea what to draw. Suggestions, anyone? If I like your suggestion, I'll dedicate it to you. ♪

The next one is Nikki's Challenge in which two characters must be facing off in a fighting game "choose your character" type screen. Again, I don't know what to do. I'd like to do an OC vs OC thing, but I'm not sure.

Again, I really need some ideas. I'd be happy to hear yours. Thanks in advance.

(By the way, the poll is still open, even though I haven't hit the "bring to top" button on it recently. Please check it out and submit!)

Satan and Me and My OC

A friend of mine (who is considering joining theO) recently got me interested in a web comic called "Satan and Me". It's about a teenage girl who accidentally summons Satan. "How?" you ask. Well, that's kind of NSFW-ish. Hint: The Tumblr blog is called "thisiskindagross".

Have a look on Tumblr. I linked the page where they're all in chronological order. A warning, though: there's language, blood, drug references, and probably other stuff (I haven't read it all). But if you don't mind that, it's a pretty entertaining read.

Anyway, I've been reading this comic and something about the character of Satan kind of disturbs me.

No, it's not that he's Satan.

It has more to do with his appearance.

Catch my drift?


I'll give you some time to think about it as you scroll down.













External Image

Satan looks like Dice! Down to the yellow eyes! Great, yet another name to add to the list of characters who has something eerily in common with Dice.

I showed that very picture of Dice to the friend I mentioned earlier, and my friend kind of freaked. I had to explain to this friend that I drew that picture nearly three years ago. The "Satan and Me" comic, on the other hand, just turned a year old. I highly doubt the comic artist knows of my existence (yet), but I have a feeling that she must have psychically channeled me for Satan's character design. Or not. But it's a funny story to pull out at conventions and such.

Off topic final comment: MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU!!!!!!!!!