Hello and welcome to Keba's Anime and Manga Place (KAAMP for short)! Here at KAAMP, I write about anime and manga that I have seen/read as well as my views on them. I'll also post about my original stories from time to time.

Just beware that some of my posts contain spoilers. I'll put them in spoiler tags just in case.

KAAMP's history: KAAMP was created in July 2002 by yours truly. It was a sloppy-looking website on Yahoo's now defunct Geocities. I posted my anime fan art on that site. Also, for a time, I posted my thoughts on the few anime series that I had seen. Now that I look back on it, my thoughts were rather ill-informed (is that even a word?) because I had only seen bits and pieces of anime dubs. Now that I've seen more series, I think that my commentary on various anime will be a little better than before.

So, come on in and stay awhile! KAAMP is now in session.

Out of the Hospital + Other Stuff

Just wanted to tell you guys that I've been out of the hospital for about a week. Things are going about as well as they can: my pain has been manageable and my strength is returning. The only things wrong are (a) I can't eat solid food for a few weeks, (b) I still can't drive, and (c) I feel kind of isolated and lonely because I haven't been able to go out much. At least I don't have to worry about physical therapy anymore.

I checked out a bunch of anime DVDs from my library's network, thinking I'd watch them in the hospital, but I didn't get to. I've been killing time with them post-discharge, though. (Elricz, if you're reading this, I haven't gotten to Blue Exorcist just yet. It's my first priority after I return those DVDs.)

One thing I'm very glad of is that I finally finished my demos! I haven't forgotten about the Challenge that I hosted prematurely in which the prize was my music that I hadn't finished recording. Now I can say that the rough demos are complete. So to the winners-- Lena, Usa (who I haven't seen around in FOREVER), and Judai-- would you like the demos or would you be willing to hold out for something more polished? Or would you like both?

The final thing I'd like to mention is that my 10-year Otakuversary is coming up in a few months. I want to draw a picture to celebrate, but I have no idea what it should be. Thoughts?

Bad News (Unrelated to theO) [1/17 UPDATE]

Guys, I'm going to have to go for emergency surgery soon, though I don't know when exactly. Just expect me to disappear for a little bit. I wanted to let you know because I consider you all my friends. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Update: Thank you for all the supportive comments. That means a lot to me. I don't have a date set yet as to when it'll happen. I just hope it doesn't conflict with Anime Central.

Update part deux: I saw the surgeon yesterday. He's giving me a choice between two surgical operations. He gave me the pros and cons of each. I just hope I make the right decision. Either option is going to be invasive, and I'll have to spend roughly a week in the hospital. No date has been set yet.

Update the Third: I have to see at least two more doctors next month for input on my procedure. My case is just that complicated. Also, gotta take some medical tests. Still no surgery date, or even an estimated date. I'm getting a bit impatient because being on a liquid/soft food diet is SUPER HARD. At least it's likely that I'll make it to ACen this year. I hope.

Update-4-All: I just came back from seeing my surgeon. The tentative date for my surgery is August 20. What all this hinges on is my being able to lose 10 to 20 pounds between now and then. Wish me luck.

5 golden updates: The tentative date was tentative for a reason. My surgery has been pushed back to October 1 because my surgeon wants me to lose even more weight. I have to spend FMA Day in the hospital. T_T

I'm to six-y for my update: My surgery date has been pushed back again! I don't know when it'll be now. It could be as soon as October 8 or as far away as December! At least I can sort-of enjoy FMA day.

Seven updates all around you: I kept meaning to tell you guys this, and now I finally have a bit of time to do so. My surgery is going to be on January 28. For realz this time. I've hit my target weight and everything. That means that my Secret Santa is getting their present a little bit earlier than everyone else.

Upd8: OK, so maybe it wasn't "for realz". My surgeon had to postpone AGAIN. This time it'll be February 11. At least, that's what I hope. I'm so frustrated! >_<+

Looking for Recommendations

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'll be going in for surgery in about two weeks. I'm looking to fill my time with anime and music while I recover.

First, let's talk anime. My main sources are Crunchyroll and Hulu. I'm also leeching off of my parents' Amazon Prime. Shh.... I do have a bunch of series queued up, but I don't know what to go with first. So if you suggest something that I'm already planning to watch, that's totally fine. I'll just move it up on my list.

In regards to music, I don't really care what you recommend, as long as it's not religious and/or country. Also, since I'll have a lot of downtime, I was wondering if you guys wanted me to start a new music World (click here for details). Depending on how good I feel, I just might.

Thank You All

I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, yesterday. Sorry I couldn't respond individually, and in a more prompt manner. I hope you all had a merry Christmas, or if you're like me, just a great day in general.

Love you guys!

SS Reunion Wishlist

And now it's time for a Secret Santa wishlist! Thanks to Elricz and Lena for hosting because I almost thought it wasn't going to happen this year.

Most of this list was directly copied from last year's list and the year before that. As usual, 10 anime and all OCs. I'm listing where I am in each anime series because I don't want spoilers.

External Image External ImageExternal ImageExternal Image
Since I already got my Death Note, Attack on Titan, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Sailor Moon wishes, I won't be asking for those.

The Manga and Anime

In no particular order...

Fullmetal Alchemist I'm just that predictable. I prefer the manga/Brotherhood continuity. If you didn't know by now, I'm a total Greed fangirl. I also like Alphonse. Heck, any of the characters would be fine, since I like almost all of them on some level.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica I watched the series, but not the third movie. I'm not sure which girl is my favorite, so I guess Madoka herself is a safe bet. Really, I'd be fine with any of the magical girl characters.

Assassination Classroom I just finished this a few months ago (so many feelings!). Koro-sensei is my favorite character in the series.

Magi I've seen both seasons, and I'm reading the manga, but I haven't gotten to manga-only territory yet. My favorite character is Alibaba, but all of the main characters are so likable that I'd be happy with one or more of them, too.

Spice and Wolf I've seen both seasons of the anime, but I haven't read the light novels or manga. My favorite character is Holo, but I like Lawrence a lot, too. If you like, you can draw some cute fluff with them together (hint, hint).

Gurren Lagann It's been some time since I've seen it, but my memories of it are vivid. I can't decide on a favorite, so any of the main characters will do.

The Seven Deadly Sins I FINALLY saw the first season of the anime, and I'm mostly up-to-date on the manga. My favorite characters are Diane, Ban, and King (not necessarily in that order). From what I hear, Diane's birthday is supposed to be on December 24 (a day before mine). Also Ban x Elaine makes me melt with happiness.

Naruto/Naruto Shippuden I haven't watched it in some time; I kind of paused it right when they're gearing up for the war. I don't really care about spoilers with Naruto because the plot's been ruined for me several times over. My request this year is anyone from Team Kurenai because they really got the short end of the stick action-wise.

Inuyasha I STILL haven't finished this anime (though I'm in the homestretch) and I haven't read the manga. I'm pretty sure I've been introduced to most (if not all) of the major players in the story, though. Shippou is still my favorite character, but I like the other main characters as well.

My Hero Academia My new obsession! I've watched the first two seasons. My favorite character is Izuku. I also like All Might and Ochako. Heck, I'd be happy with most any character (except for that sticky, pervy, grape boy who I hope bleeds to death).

The Original Characters

I'm just linking pictures. You can find out about the characters in the picture descriptions. You can read the stories here. (Just note that this world is for Subscribers only.)
Additional information (and some silliness) can be found here.
Other artists' interpretations of my characters are here.

From Survival Instincts:
[Naomi] [Marshall] [Dice] [All three]

From Destination:
[Keba] [Jon] [Both of them] [Rakusa]

From The Rebels of Planet Aadau:
[All the protagonists] [Meh-Eh-Au] [Conus] [Most of the cast]

If you want other pictures of my OCs, you can poke around my Portfolio, too. I just linked the ones that I thought were the best.

Final notes: I don't actually celebrate Christmas. I'm just doing the SS because my birthday falls on Christmas. So please don't add anything religious. Also, please follow theO's rules, meaning: keep it safe for work.

If you plan on making a Wallpaper, my screen dimensions are 1600 x 900.

Thanks in advance, S.S.! I'm excited to see what you come up with. ^_^