Hello and welcome to Keba's Anime and Manga Place (KAAMP for short)! Here at KAAMP, I write about anime and manga that I have seen/read as well as my views on them. I'll also post about my original stories from time to time.

Just beware that some of my posts contain spoilers. I'll put them in spoiler tags just in case.

KAAMP's history: KAAMP was created in July 2002 by yours truly. It was a sloppy-looking website on Yahoo's now defunct Geocities. I posted my anime fan art on that site. Also, for a time, I posted my thoughts on the few anime series that I had seen. Now that I look back on it, my thoughts were rather ill-informed (is that even a word?) because I had only seen bits and pieces of anime dubs. Now that I've seen more series, I think that my commentary on various anime will be a little better than before.

So, come on in and stay awhile! KAAMP is now in session.

Artist/Album Master List

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! ALBUM NAMES COMING SOON! This is what I have to offer from my ever-growing CD collection. My tastes are ever-shifting, and so are my opinions. Something I liked, say, 10 years ago might not hold up so well now. Still, I'...

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Keba's Big Ol' To-Do List

OK, so it's come to this. I've been making lots of lists for various things, so I might as well make one for theO. This will be for my drawing, writing, posting and other stuff.

Higher priorities will be in bold.

Post short story about a monkey family.
The Rebels of Planet Aadau: Finish chapter 3 and post.
Destination: Finish chapter 7. Post chapter 6 through whenever this arc ends.
Survival Instincts: Consult beta about how to continue the story. Give chapters 5 through 10 a tune-up and post.
Develop ideas about mythological creatures story.
Develop ideas about comic book characters in the "real world" story.
Develop ideas about a girl who finds a portal to another world and has adventures with a talking sheep. (Random, I know.)

Surprise gifts: 0/4 done.
Finish picture for Judai Winchester.
Finish T7DS fan art.
Sketch marathon: 30/52 done.
The Rebels of Planet Aadau "movie poster"
Update character designs/colors for Destination: 0/4+ done.
Update character designs/colors for The Rebels of Planet Aadau: 0/?
Anime portraits of bands/music artists?
"Hero in Armor"
"Clap Your Hands"
"Inner Children"
"You Look Familiar" (save for winter)
Open up for trades once all 4 surprises are complete.

Manga-ing which is totally a word
Get to Know an OC!: finish last two pages and post. Open for more questions.
Finish one-shot Naruto Shippuden gag comic.
Draw summer-themed Fullmetal Alchemist comic (hopefully before summer ends).
Start planning Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood fan manga.
Take poll as to whether people would want to read a gag comic about the band Linkin Park. I'm serious.

Eternal Rain (restart)
Excel in Cipherland
Send me some requests on which of your works you want me to read. Let me know if you want me to critique it.

Yeah, that got really long really quick. I do realize that life happens while you make plans, but I need a plan in order to conquer life.

I Seriously Messed Up

I'm already behind on my countdown, but I just realized that I forgot to add an OP and and ED from one series and picked others instead. So now I have two too many. Oops. I guess I'll just go on without them. I'm already thinking about what else to do with the OP/ED Countdown World in the future. I'll make a post about it when I actually finish my countdown.

Saturday Night Livestream [OFF]

Anyone willing to join me for a livestream tonight? If there's interest, I'll put up a link sometime between 7pm and 8pm CDT. I know that may be difficult if you're across the "pond", but if you're suffering from insomnia, fell free to stop by and tell me what tomorrow is like.

It's on! Join me.

On the chat, we were talking about what it's like to view theO from someone else's computer. I'm typing this with four people looking over my shoulder. Not literally. But you get the idea. Shoutouts to TDE, Elricz, Toya and Kyra.

Thanks for the fun time guys. I'm going to bed.

This Can't Be Happening

I was so pumped for starting the Countdown event, but now I'm kind of stuck. I have most of my list assembled, and I know I could finish it within the day, but I have one problem.

That problem is depression.

I know some of you guys know firsthand how debilitating depression can be. You don't feel like doing anything, and when you realized you haven't done anything, you feel worse.

There are at least 10 different otaku-related things I have hanging over my head, and I can't seem to get into any of them. Maybe it's the lack of stuff going on regarding theO. Hardly anyone is posting, and even fewer people than that are commenting. Although I do comment on various things, I feel that I'm still a member of this guilty party. Plus, a certain wound in theO's side has been reopened, which is probably what's getting me down the most.

I sincerely apologize for this post. I try to hardly ever post anything this down, but I really have to vent a little. Thank you for your understanding.