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! ~ merry crisis ~ !

hey everyone! happy holidays ~

sorry for all the backroom spam, i've had a lot of art to do for the season :o

i've been living with my dad, brother and grandma. and it's been pretty great, despite my grandma having dementia and living on the troublesome side of town. i think in general, my mental health and stress have been more easily-managed while living here. it's nice to be able to hang with my brother whenever and my dad is super supportive of pretty much everything going on.

i've been spending lots of time with my boyfriend and friends, they're all so good to me ;w; much more than i deserve. my boyfriend has been spoiling lil 'ol me, ehehe. he even bought me a giant penguin for christmas! x3

i still have my job at the mall, though it's only seasonal so i think i'll be unemployed by the 7th of january. unless they decide to keep me around (which i really doubt since we're overstaffed like crazy). i don't get very many hours at all... maybe like four hours a week, if i'm lucky. so once again, i'm job searching. hoping for an office job this time around, but i didn't mind working retail surprisingly. well, as long as i'm on my medication. lol.

next year, i'm planning to go to naka-kon with the squad, and i really, really hope i can go. if i have the money and time, that is... thinking of cosplaying. i really want to do a moogle cosplay, but i also want do a group thing as mystic messenger characters (me being yoosung ofc)

nyanyways, i'm running out of stuff to ramble about but i'm here and active on TheO again if anyone wants to chat it up. ^^

merry christmas eve ~


(me with aforementioned giant penguin. his name is hobi!)

s.s. wishlist 2017!!

i am super excited for this year's secret santa event! :D

(here's a link to the event if you want to join!)

here's my wishlist for whoever gets to draw something for me <3

1) My OCs, Kyle or Kio!

2) Yoosung x 707 from Mystic Messenger!!

3) My boyfriend and I!!!
(me, him, us together)
((we are both boys, both of us have black hair now. my boyfriend has a bit of scruff on his jaw/chin, and i'm super feminine. he's more outgoing and i'm shy ^^))

if you really wanna win my heart, making any of these winter/christmas-themed would be amazing x3

hope you have fun with drawing my gift, and happy holidays!! ~


cake by the ocean

i've been awfully busy lately! em and i had to go our separate ways as roomies :(
we couldn't afford the apartment anymore, and it was really stressing emily out, so we're mostly moved out. she got a new place with her little brother, and i'll be moving in with my dad, brother and grandma. right now though, the room that i'll be staying in isn't ready. so temporarily, i'm living with jason and his roommates jake and bailey. they're all so sweet and fun to be around.

i'm still working at the clothing store in the mall. but recently i got a call for an interview, to be a stylist-in-training! which would be fantastic because i'd get paid while also learning to do what i love.

i've currently been obsessed with horror movies. lol i'm usually too easily scared and stuff to watch them, but maybe the halloween fever got me! i'm having a lot of fun with watching them and i think i can actually handle them pretty decently now.

but that's all that's going on rn. i'll try to keep you guys updated!


crybaby, crybaby~

i know, i know, i need to remember that theO is still a thing regularly jfc...

wellllll, i'm still living with em~ although her fiance is now her ex, and he moved out a bit ago. ahaa;; it's been awkward bc he still has a lot of stuff here and keeps needing to come over and get it. but otherwise, the living situation is still great. we may move into a bigger, nicer place in a couple months if we can afford and feel the need to.

my mental health has not been so great, but i think it's just my meds acting up and not working for me anymore. :< i've been disgustingly insecure and jealous, which is causing rifts in my relationship with jason... but we're gonna be okay. i actually have an appointment with my meds consultant soon, so i'll talk to her about this. aaaaand i'm gonna come out to her as trans and ask about hormones and resources, bc dysphoria is also kicking my ass more than usual.

oh! i got a job finally!! it's for a clothing store in the mall marketed towards older women. i don't have many hours at all right now, but i definitely think i like the job. my coworkers are awesome, and it doesn't seem too hard on me at least for now. but it is a seasonal job, so hopefully they'll consider keeping me after the season. i may also have another job in the mall with a teen accessory store, so that would be great.

there's not much else to say ahah, so i'll cut this off here.

have a happy september!


getting it together

hey guys, it's been a while, once again;;

i recently moved out of my house! right now i'm living with emka and her fiance in their apartment.
long story short: after my mom passed away, the house with my stepdad and half brother became a living hell. they refused to help me keep the place clean, keeping food for me, and the stress got to be too much for me.
so i'm with friends now, and it's honestly already been so much better than the house. they always make sure i'm taken care of, and i feel so comfortable.
i'm currently looking for a job still. it's really hard, but i'm trying my best. but the plan is to make some money, then get my health back on track. get to a doctor finally, back on my meds and hopefully on some new ones. start hormones. my roomies are very supportive of me, and it's amazing. i feel like i've become about a million times more gay since living here lolol.

i also had my first table at an artist alley at a local con with emka about a week or two ago! we made good money considering the circumstances of us not being totally prepared. it was also my first con that i'd been to for an entire weekend. i made a few really cool new friends, and we're already planning to do another table for naka-kon next year. i'm honestly so excited!!
we'll be going to neb-con in november as well :D but just for fun.

anyways, there's your update! i swear i'll try to be more active~

-Kai <3