Lukaiel. 20. INFP and a Taurus.
Femboy/androgyne. He/Him.
A pale prince. Taken by the knight of my heart.
Eccentric and anxious. Empath. Healer.
Fantasy/erotica writer. Artist. The biggest history geek.
Self-proclaimed fashionista and self-taught makeup artist. Aspiring model.
Absolutely nerdy in any way possible. Lover of the dark and spooky but also the cute and adorable. ~


am alive

whoops i keep forgetting to upload and update on this site.
i'll try to get better at that!!
but it's hard when not much is happening;; heh.

so i'll actually be starting school in august rather than when i was supposed to start last month. lollll... so rn i've been looking for a part time job in the meantime.

this year is going to be quite eventful!! i'm going to naka con in march, renfaire in april, DISNEY!!! sometime for jason and i's anniversary, and em's wedding in august. and who knows what else.

anyway yeah, i just wanted to pop back in to remind you all that i'm still alive and still here. <3


life recap

i'll summarize some important things that happened last year o:

-i got fired from auntie anne's in january, for missing too much work due to my anxiety about my rude coworkers.

-around march, my mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer, in both her lung and colon. she doesn't work anymore, or drive much. some days are better than others depending on her treatments. but she seems to be doing better these days!

-another march event: one of my besties got engaged! Emily! she brought the old squad together again (Ashley, Katie, Emily and myself) to be her bridesmaids. Ashley and i reconciled and are really close friends again. the squad has become close-knit and we see eachother pretty often.

-i got a job at walmart in march. made a lot of friends there, a good amount of money, was treated really well and was told i was one of the best workers and loved working there. but i got fired in july(?), due once again to absences caused by my anxiety.

-celebrated four years together with Jason in july!! still together, still very much in love <3

-i started looking for another job after walmart, but decided against it since my mom needs me home more often than not. but now i'm part of a program for people with disabilities which helps to get training for careers! so i'm working towards something in cosmetology. sometime this year i'll be in school for more general courses to get my applied science degree, and later i'll be transfered to a different campus to focus on getting my cosmetology licenses.
i'll have to move to another town on my own or with Jason while i'm at the second campus, but that's later down the road...

and here we are!

all that's happening lately is preparing with Em to share an artist table at our local con this summer!! so i've been trying hard to improve my art and become more professional with it. and i've been hanging out with friends and Jason a lot lately, which is really great.
lots of reading and playing video games too!!
and though i don't do it as often as i should, i've started writing again.

so here's to a great 2017!! i hope this year is amazing to all of us. <3