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-List of Characters

Stormy Fraire

(demon form) Name: Stormy Fraire Age: Mid 20's Gender: Female Species: Succubus Powers/Abilities: Super strong, everlasting endura...

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Undiscovered Desires

Swirling dresses, blooming with the music of the night and the passion of maidens underneath them. The men's feet never missing a beat even as the music swelled. Couples swayed like flowers in a summer breeze. The setting sun illuminated the tall ...

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A Pretty Mess (this story is only uploaded on Wattpad) Wishes in Sync -...

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Hector Black

Name: Hector Black Age: Late 20's Gender: Male Species: Human Powers/Abilities: An oracle. Can see the future, manipulate others, sense beings of supernatural/mythical kind by their energy. Sexual/Romantic Orienta...

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Kioke Hanamori

Name: Kioke (Kio) Hanamori Age: mid 20s to mid 30s? Gender: female Species: human Powers/Abilities: knowledge of herbs and remedies, qui...

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