Name: Lauren
Me ^-^: I am a pretty nice person who loves meeting new people. I love to laugh and hang out with friends. Since I was ten, ive loved watching anime and reading manga. I love meeting new people so dont be afraid to send me a message ^-^. Two of my other favorites are video games and rock music.
Location: I currently live in Pennsylvania.
Hobbies:Writing stories,Watching anime, reading manga, drawing, playing video games (mostly RPG's and action games), Hanging out with friends (especially my best friend Yesenia ^-^), playing TCG games, and eating lots of ramen
Dislikes: all anime haters, impatient people, and my stepdad

Welcome to my page

Spirit Day!

Tomorrow is spirit day at my school. Even though I dont really have school spirit, I still love the fact that I dont have classes tomorrow. I cant wait my last day of school is coming up in one week! Hooray! Its time to graduate and start my college life. Graphic Design job here I come!


Today I gave blood at my school. Its not my first time but I feel more drained than I usually do . At least I didnt almost pass out while I was giving like last time Anyway, I want to make my contest more well known but im not sure how. Please help!

Anime Rock Band ^-^

Yesetrday when I was bored at school...I came up with an idea. If you could choose any anime or game characters to be in a rockband.....who would you choose? Thanks to one of my Otaku friends...I decide to make it into a contest. Here are the rules!

Rules for the contest:
1. You can use a variety of characters,or all characters from the same show or game
2. You can use a character that someone else has used in thier band
3.Make sure to include who plays what instrument, sings, does lights, ect
4. It doesnt have to be a rock band. It could be rap, jazz, whatever you choose
5.Be creative! Ex:Fanfictions about how your band meets. Write a song for them to sing....ect
6. Ill decide the winner in a week ^-^
7. Good luck ^-^

Thought caused by boredom

I was sitting in my economics class today and a random thought passed my mind. If I could make an anime rock band.....who would I choose to be in it? Im still pondering it myself but I want to hear from you. If you could choose any anime characters from any anime or any game character from any game to be in a rockband....who would it be? Ill post my answer once I figure it out myself.


Today I am oficially single! My boyfriend and I broke up this morning and I guess I kinda saw it coming. We hardly saw eachother anymore and we acted more like friends then lovers. We are still friends so im happy about that. Im still searching for my soulmate.....havent found him yet but im sure hes out there somewhere......