Anime Rock Band ^-^

Yesetrday when I was bored at school...I came up with an idea. If you could choose any anime or game characters to be in a rockband.....who would you choose? Thanks to one of my Otaku friends...I decide to make it into a contest. Here are the rules!

Rules for the contest:
1. You can use a variety of characters,or all characters from the same show or game
2. You can use a character that someone else has used in thier band
3.Make sure to include who plays what instrument, sings, does lights, ect
4. It doesnt have to be a rock band. It could be rap, jazz, whatever you choose
5.Be creative! Ex:Fanfictions about how your band meets. Write a song for them to sing....ect
6. Ill decide the winner in a week ^-^
7. Good luck ^-^