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Below are some of the topics that might catch the interest of the readers. Topic #1: your sexual orientation An interesting topic would be your sexual orientation. You can explore your essay using your sexual orientation as a thread that would bind your sentences and ideas together. If you are planning to pursue courses such as sociology or social work, talking about your sexual orientation and how it influenced your career goals sounds appealing.(2) You can read various personal statement samples before you write your own and use them as guides. Topic #2: a unique hobby One of the things that could set you apart from other applicants is your unique hobby or interest.(3) So if you have one, you should write about it. Just make sure that this interest of yours is still related to why you want to pursue a study in a certain field. You can also use capstone writers sample personal statement to help you in writing your own. Topic #3: a very tragic event Telling about a tragic event that happened in your life can also call the readers’ attention to your essay. You can read other personal statement samples and take note on how to tell a tragic event without appearing to be soliciting the sympathy of the admissions committee. If you want to study in a prestigious university, yet you don’t have excellent school records, you don’t have to worry too much. You can make up for your not-so-impressive grades by writing a personal statement for college that would grab the attention of the admissions committee. Reading lots of personal statement samples would give you idea on how to write your own. As a matter of fact, there are several resources you can go to for sample essays. Resource #1: from friends who’ve written their own personal statements Your friends who applied to the school where you want to study can give you a copy of their personal statement for college. You can ask them for tips on how you should select your topic and how to make your personal statement for college very interesting. You can also ask them to help you remember and choose events in your life that had a great impact on your ideals and aspirations. Resource #2: from teachers and counselors who can show you a sample personal statement essay Aside from your friends and peers, you can get a copy of a well-written personal statement for college from your teachers and counselors. More than anyone else, these people have broad knowledge about writing personal statements. They can teach you the ways on how to make your essay appealing. Resource #3: from websites that offer free sample personal statement essay You can also find various personal statement samples from online sites. These websites can provide you with numerous excellent samples that you can use as models of your own personal statement. All you have to do is to key-in the keyword “personal statement” and you can surely find various essays.(2) How to use these sample personal statements You have to observe how these essays are structured. It is important that you watch out for the writer’s technique in writing essays.