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Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Another Painting-Watercolor

Did another painting and took another low quality pic XD

Used both watercolor paints and watercolor pencils. I think it may have been more realistic if I'd used just strictly paints, but I only had six colors in my kit. I bought a 24-pack, though, so my next watercolor may be more vibrant X3

Acrylic Painting

So my mom gave me a couple of paint boards, so I thought I'd practice with oils, but they were meant for acrylics... SO... I decided to do and acrylic painting of an old drawing.

I think it looks good, but it looks better from a distance. If it were scanned, you could see all the brush strokes and such. I love it either way, though =^_^=

Practice Turning Photo into Painting

Was tinkering around turning a photo into a painting using Photoshop. I may use a different technique on the next one, but I'll keep this one as is. It sorta fits. =3

More will come.

Sexiest Last Man on Earth~!

I just finished playing the otome game Aloners. I think I got the beast ending and route I could've X3 Trash is soooo smexy~! <3 I am totally digging the dreadlock and goggles look~! It so hard not to fall for him a little X3 And the music is pretty interesting, too, when it plays XD I was a bit skeptical because there is only one romance option (and probably many ways to fail...), but the story itself kinda had me intrigued by the second chapter. Apocalyptic romance, ftw~

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Totes go try it out!, It's free =D

A Poem? And Valentine's Day Insights.

I found this while going through files on my computer. I can't remember if I wrote it or not... =o3o=

(Written June 26, 2013)
When I can't contact you, do you have any idea how lost I feel?
When I can't see you, do you know how pained I feel?
When I can't hold you, do you know how much it makes me ache?
I'm not very good at words when it comes to these things...
I get stubborn when I'm confronted because I'm embarrassed and unsure.
It's just so painful because I'm afraid of pain.
Bitterly ironic, isn't it?
I do miss you, I do want to see you, I do want to spent time with you and feel you inside me.
But when I feel these things, you're not there to tell and it hurts.
And I worry that you'd think I'm stupid for fretting about it this much.
I can't focus when I'm thinking of you, and it makes me mad.
I want to hit you for invading my thoughts this much...
And I guess for rooting yourself somewhere in a part of my heart.
It's just so difficult to communicate these things and it frustrates me that you can't see it...
When I think about how clueless you can be, it makes me mad all over again.
I'm caught in some kind of tornado and it just hurts.
Do I seem foolish for this?

I thought it seemed pretty decent (if I did write it... I THINK I did...?! *confused*) More than one side to love. Growing up, love was more about pain and the intermingled euphoria that comes with the longing. Obviously, I spent too much time having unrequited crushes... =eue;=

(The Day After) Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but don't let it get you down. There is no real reason to feel sad that you may not have a boyfriend or girlfriend. It's all hormones, dudes and dudettes! If you have no plans to spend with friends, family, or significant others, make tomorrow a day to enjoy simply for the sake of enjoyment! Get your favorite snack! Play your favorite game! Watch a movie marathon of comedy and general feel-good movies~! If you don't like spending time alone, go out with friends and have fun! If you're broke, have a get together at someone's house and play board games~ Bake some cookies together~

You can spend tomorrow moping and curled up in a ball, or you can get up and have some fun. I think having fun is more preferable, don't you? =3

Happy Valentine's Day (a day or two early), friends! =D