Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Keep an eye out here for any update on the Mystery Mini-Project I'm working on. If you figure out what it is I'm going to be doing, you're welcome to speculation, I won't confirm or deny any theories until the right time =3 Thanks for your support~! =D

Other places you might see artwork from me:

DeviantArt: MangaKeri
Tumblr: mangakeri13

Testing this feature here. Since theO doesn't seem to support the default embed I was given, I've finagled it a little so it will show here. This image will take you to a button that takes you to the page XD

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Elemental - Thankful Sale Starts Soon!

I have the link for you guys~! =D

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Elemental is now OFFICIALLY RELEASED! Get it while the sale lasts~! =D

Elemental Release Reminder!

Remember everyone! Elemental: Seven Minutes in Heaven is coming to itch.io free for Thanksgiving and Black Friday only! So check in at midnight. If it looks like it has a price, don't worry, I may be in the process of setting up the sale so give it 15-30 minutes and you'll see it for free =D

You can click the image in the introduction to access the itch page tomorrow to download the game =D After Black Friday is over, the link will still take you to the itch page, but it will go back to a regular price of $2.99 =3 Happy Thanksgiving in advance~! <3

(( If you get the game for free and have no intention of buying a second copy at cost, I ask that you spread the word about the game =) Every little bit helps and if this one does well, it increases chances of sequels ;) ))

Progressing Progressing...

Yes, the game is done (PC version) and I think the Android version is done... I'm in the progress of uploading to Google Play for beat testing. On DLSite, they accepted my circle and I submitted the game for review, so that'll take a week or two. After I upload to google, I'll download it to my phone and see if it works. Then I will make my secret link available to GOG so they can see the game (cuz it's gonna take some time for them to approve it, but I don't want to release the game before the release date) and decide if it's alright for their site.

I really hope my workaround for Google Play achievements worked cuz I wouldn't know what to do otherwise. Suppose I could set the code to a persistent variable that's originally set to "None." ... *rubs chin* This is more coding than I thought I'd be doing in my life.

This is going to be a VERY busy week... Since it's the holiday week, Wednesday and Friday are going to be CRAZY busy at work, Thanksgiving is on Thursday (what else is new?) and my birthday is on Saturday [email protected][email protected]= And I STILL haven't started on Christmas gifts! D8> *internal and external screaming*

Ahhhhhhhhh... Soon, though, soon I can watch my baby fly off into the world that is the Internet... =TTwTT/= *waves tearily* I'm gonna need a vacation after all this... XD;

Elemental: Publishing Update

So going through the three websites I want to release the PC version on...

Gog: I may have a shot, but the release there will likely be after the others.

Dlsite: I just registered my circle, so now waiting for approval. Unlikely that those located in America will buy from there as I'll raise the price to ensure I get a decent income from it. (Still less than the average price of DLsite games, though)

itch.io: This will be the primary release location and the ONLY location you can take advantage of the "Free For Two Days" deal. So if you want the game but are strapped for cash, this will be your best bet. I only ask that you spread the word if you're getting it for free. (I'd like the word to be spread either way, but this way I'll get more hits)

As for Google Play, I don't know if the release will be as soon. There's compatibility issues with the achievements system. I have one more theory I'd like to try and if that doesn't work, I'm waiting on a reply from a person who does Ren'py tutorials on tumblr.

Either way, itch.io is the best bet to get the PC version of the game, free or not.


The game is essentially finished, now. My testers have played it and pointed out one glitch. And I've played it again from the early routes and noticed a few quirks I didn't like. So I'll be ironing those out, but it hopefully won't take long.

My plan is to release Elemental on itch.io for free on Thanksgiving, and it will be free for 2 days (Thanksgiving and Black Friday) as a gift. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (which happens to be my birthday) it will go to a regular price of $2.99

So to summarize: Elemental: Seven Minutes in Heaven will be released for free for 2 days starting November 24, 2016. November 26, the sale ends.

I'll also be releasing it on dlsite (so long as nothing's changed since I looked up requirements), possibly gog.com, and the google play store (so long as I iron out the final kinks...).

Look forward to it, guys~! =D