Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Keep an eye out here for any update on the Mystery Mini-Project I'm working on. If you figure out what it is I'm going to be doing, you're welcome to speculation, I won't confirm or deny any theories until the right time =3 Thanks for your support~! =D

Other places you might see artwork from me:

DeviantArt: MangaKeri
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An Update

Kay, I've just heard that my dad was awake yesterday and when they asked him who my mother was, he answered correctly. =) He kinda forgot that his brother and sister were there =^_^;= But at least he's awake now =3 I'll most likely be going to visit him myself tomorrow now that my finals are done =3

Thank you everyone for praying and asking about his health =^_^= It's means a lot and you guys are wonderful. =)

Dad's Condition

Well, dad's still in the hospital. He hasn't opened his eyes yet, but he's seems like he's somewhat responding when people talk to him. Not like talking back, but moving his hand and whatnot. I heard he has pneumonia. But he just need some time to rest and recover and I'm sure he'll get past it. =^_^= But that really sucks... I'm not even entirely sure what pneumonia is, to be honest, so I'mma look it up after this is posted. All I know is he's sick.

Not much has changed. I'll update on this again when something has happened

Dad's in the hospital again...

He had another seizure this morning... The day after my major workload ends and my father winds up in the hospital? Why is it when we think everything's ok is when things want to happen...? *exhales*

Well, he's still in the ER, but they'll move him to ICU once they have a bed available for him. This is just unbelieveable and I'm mentally and a bit physically exhausted...

Hope and pray for us, guys... We're very tired and we just want him to get better and stay that way...

Almost There! D=

Hiyas~ Just thought I'd update since I've been so embroiled in schoolwork that I haven't been doing so XD;; I've got quite a load of work for today then tomorrow's the last day of normal classes before finals week! =D And I think I only have to go one day out of next week, so I'm happy about that too X3 In my class, today should be easy, but the hard stuff starts after I get home because I have to do my character animation project and maybe some sketchbook exercises when I do X3 I could be fun, but I'll start blowing flames at anyone who interrupts me! D=<

X-Mas is almost here~ I got everyone some pretty good stuff XD Except for dad, I basically got him practical stuff, but nowadays he's not in a condition to want more than sugary sweets all the time =/; But I'm sure he'll still appreciate it X3 My brothers (all three of them) are going to flip out the most over their gifts~ I went a bit overboard, but I figured "Why not?" Dad's usually in charge of the "awesome gifts" but since he's no longer himself anymore, I figured why not pick up the slack this year? XD I'll be happy if I get my dulcimer~ It's just one of those things where you don't know why you want it, but you just do XD It's all your fault, Shayde-kun! XD lol

Also I've got a few things to be done over the Winter Vacation, so that'll be rather busy, but at least I won't be on deadlines... well one of them has a deadline, but *shrugs* XD That one isn't school related XDD ... Anywho! XD;

That's all for now~ Ja na~!

I Got a Blogger

So yeah, I decided to get a Blogger account. I don't really know much about blogging *shrugs* But many different people blog different things. So I'm gonna ask you guys a question or two...

What do you (personally) think a blog should be about?


What kinds of blogs do you (or would you like to) read?

And if you guys would like to see my blog (nothing much on it, but it'd be cool if you guys went over there =3), you can visit it here =3

That's all, just wanted to mention it =3 Ja ne~