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Keep an eye out here for any update on the Mystery Mini-Project I'm working on. If you figure out what it is I'm going to be doing, you're welcome to speculation, I won't confirm or deny any theories until the right time =3 Thanks for your support~! =D

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Stolen from Littlepooch...

Choose ten characters from a cartoon/anime/other in random order WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE QUESTIONS FIRST and fill them out.

I'm using characters from all three of my manga Kitty Days, Full Curse, and Fear to Love X3

1. Miu

2. Rei

3. Sai

4. Keri

5. Rinwauld

6. Liam

7. Dahlo

8. Reed

9. Tokeko

10. Ukeshi


1) Which would you rather choose, 6/3 or 6/10?

LMAO!! Liam/Sai I don't think would ever happen... Liam/Ukeshi might be more believable... And kinda hot... XD

2) Do you think 7/2 will ever happen?

Ahaha, I don't think Rei would let him, but Dahlo might try to come on to Rei X3

3) Have you ever read or written 4/5?

Rinwauld's always hitting on Keri, so I guess it will be written later in the current chapter, if I can get back to it X3

4) 9 and 1 are getting married. How does 8 react?


Miu and Tokeko are getting married

Miu: *blushes and laughs*
Tokeko: When did I meet you, anyway? ^_^;

Reed: *pushes up glasses* I really don't care about your affairs...

5) Write a plot for a 2/10 fic.

Rei bumps into Ukeshi in the forest while he's training. Ukeshi's looking for food and the two of them become good friends (sorry ppl, Rei's a homophobe XD)

6) How would 9 announce to 7 he/she's pregnant, and what would 7 do/say?

Tokeko: Um, Dahlo... I'm pr-pregnant...
Dahlo: oAo... Is it mine...?

7) Does the pairing 1/2 exist? How about 3/5?

Um, Miu loves Rei a lot to the point where he might XD And Rei does really love his younger brother... but they're brothers XD;;

As for Sai/Rinwauld... It could be a funny pairing XD *thinks about it* LMAO XDD

8) Pretend you're writing a story with this plot: "8 and 2 are about to get married when suddenly 3 admits their feelings for 2. 2 decides to leave 8 and gets married with 3. 8, inconsolable, has an unhappy threesome with 10 and 6 and in the end, finally realizes their true love is and has always been 5." Would anyone read this?

Okay... "Reed and Rei are about to get married, when Sai admits his feelings for Rei... Rei decides to leave Reed to get married to Sai. Reed, inconsolable, has a threesome with Ukeshi and Liam and in the end, he realizes he's always been in love with Rinwauld."

... LMAO!!! XD Okay, another brother pairing there... Even Rinwauld has a similiar hairstyle with Dahlo, would Reed go for him?

Rei & Sai: *disturbed* o__o;

Reed: I love Dahlo most, but Liam's quite well equipped and Ukeshi has hair to die for, so I may have a threesome with them


Ukeshi: I'm not sure I'm into that... ^_^;;

Rinwauld: Alas, if it were the Lady Keri, I'd gladly wed her <3

Rei: *punches Rinwauld in the face*

9) Is 6/7 okay with you or do you wish to kill it with fire?

Ahaha, that's a pretty much natural pairing X3

Liam: I'll kill it with fire... Radioactive fire...

Dahlo: Liam, honey, why are you so mean to me? *mock sobs*

10) 4 takes 2 out on a romantic dinner, and 1 comes and ruins it. Write about that.

Lol X3 Keri takes Rei out to a romantic dinner and Miu comes and ruins it. XD I could see that. XD Though it'd probably be Rei taking Keri...

Rei & Keri: *blushes*

Miu: But I just wanted to play...! ;^; </3

12) Would 9 and 1 make a good couple?

They'd be UBER adorable! X3 Now I have teh urge to draw the crack pairing X3

13) Listening to the song "You Belong With Me", write a story for a love triangle with 10/2/8.

Rei and Ukeshi have been hanging out every day and Reed's heart aches as he wants Ukeshi for himself.

Rei: Hey, if we're hanging out together we're just friends... o_O; You can have him...

Reed: That silver hair is absolutely gorgeous *sighs*

Ukeshi: I just said I don't think I'm into that... maybe >.<;

14) Is there such thing as 6/1 or does not compute?

Awwww... just about any pairing with Miu is adorable! X3 I could see Miu saying "C'mon, Li-chan! Let's go play!" and Liam saying "Get the f*** away from me" then Miu switches personalities and grabs Liam and pulls him close and says "Don't play games with me, sweetie."

Liam: *sweatdrops* O_O;;;

Miu: Ahaha... ^v^;

15) Would you read/write a 6/3/10 or is it such a bad idea that you want to kill me right now?

I wouldn't say bad, but I'm not sure I can see it...

Liam, Sai, & Ukeshi: THANK YOU! >.<;

16) Is 2/9 canon? If it's not, how would you feel if it was?

No it's not X3

Rei: *looks Tokeko up and down* She's pretty cute, though.

Ukeshi and Keri: *drops kicks Rei into a brick wall* X(

Tokeko: ^_^;;

17) 3 finds 4 lying on the ground, bleeding and unconscious. Write about that.

Sai finds Keri lying on the ground, bleeding and unconscious.

Sai: Oh my god! Keri! Are you okay?! *kneels down to examine her*

Keri: *unconscious*

Sai: *leans in close to her lips* Forgive me for this, but it's to save your life... I wish I could do this under different circumstances... *presses his lips to Keri's and performs CPR*

Kyaa...~<3 X3 I should put that into the manga, somewhere XD

18) Everyone is against 6/1 and want every of its shippers to rot in hell. Y/N?

Nooo! It's adorable X3

19) 9 walks in on 5 and 3 making out. What does he/she do? Write about that.

Tokeko walks in on Rinwauld and Sai making out...

Tokeko: Hey Ukeshi are you in he- WTF?!?! O_O;

Rinwauld: *pushes Sai down on the bed and lifts his shirt as he runs his hands up and down Sai's torso*

Sai: *moans* Ahhn... Rinwauld, not so rough...

Rinwauld: I'm sorry, I'm used to girls most of the time, so I figured I could be a little rougher with you... *turns around* Oh Tokeko, I didn't notice you there...

Tokeko: *nosebleeds and hides camera*


20) Rant about the idea of 6 and 9 getting together.

Oh gosh, could that happen? Liam and Tokeko... I don't think it could... Liam's way too reserved and angry and self abusing all the time, Tokeko needs someone more forward, yet gentle with her...

Liam: What? I'll show you forward *grabs Tokeko and throws her onto a bed*

Tokeko: *blushes* Wait, where are all these beds coming from!!!? O_O;;

Liam: *leans over Tokeko* Hush... I'm going to make you feel really good, now...

Tokeko: Ahh...! O//A//O W-wait, stop! Ukeshiiii...!

Ukeshi: *runs in and wraps Liam up in a spider web*

Liam: You jerk! I was just about to lose my viginity! >A<;

Ukeshi and Tokeko: ... o_o;

~*~ If you wants to do this, you cans =3 ~*~

Busy Bee-Cat-Thingy...

My homework had backed up for a moment, there. XD I got sick over the weekend, so I really didn't do much of it X3;;

I've lightened my workload, but I'll still have a steady stream of homework. At the moment, I'm tired from class, so I'm gonna take a nap, then maybe head over to PGR and post X3

Things may get slightly quieter, but I'm still on every day =3 So I'd still be replying to comments and pms (lol pms...) and stuff X3

I'm gonna go now. Ja, Mata ne~

I'm Alive...

Just posting to say I'm still around, but I won't have time for a proper post until later X3 Go over and read Aberius' quiz XD

Ja ne~

Sore Throat

I have a sore throat today... I haven't had one for a year.... orz I had a headache, but that's mostly gone now that I've taken something for it. My ear feels plugged for some reason, though. I've been lying down for a while, but I don't feel much like moving and now my head's starting to hurt again... I think I'll go fix myself some mint tea.

Well... I dunno. My brain is no longer functioning. I'm sure there was something else I had to say, but it's slipped my mind. There are many things I feel must be done and many things around the corner in life. Now I sound all mysterious and strange to y'all, huh? XD I think I'll just go then XD;; Ja Mata... *tips over* Ouch... *XD;;

The Storm...

.... woke me up. =TT_TT= Just when I was dremaing about Itachi. =TT_TT= Itachiiiiiii....! *cries*

I'm still pretty sleepy, but I can't quite go back to sleep. I probably will right after I finish this post, but yeah...

I got though my first week of classes...! ;orz The humidity made it even harder for me cuz I was feeling unmotivated to do much... but I managed.

Don't you just hate those times when you feel like/know your breath smells, and you have to be close to someone, but you don't want to pop a piece of gum because you feel like that's extremely obvious, but then at the same time they'd probably appreciate it a lot if you did? XD;; Yeah, I randomly decided to share my book with the guy next to me because he didn't have his, but then I'm thinking, "Crap, I just ate some party mix before my last class, but I don't taste anything in my mouth, so maybe it's okay, but my breath has got to stink... GAH I feel so self conscious, not to mention I'm out of it right now! *sobs* =TT_TT=" ... Yeah. Next time, I'll just pop the gum before class starts. X3;

Have any of you that are still in high school ever seen students that wer older than you who've grduated recently come back to visit the school and talk to the teachers? Some of my upperclassmen did that while I was still in high school. And it made me think, "I wonder if I'd ever do that?" ... Then I think "No, probably not. XD Not until my high school reunion or anything" XD;; speaking of which... that'll be in about 6 years, I believe... In 2016 will be the first high school reunion, if they do that, even. Since I believe it's every 10 years. I highly doubt anyone I was really close to would come back that ealry, though, so I probably wouldn't know anyone there too well, after all. =;_;=

Gah, I'm sleepy, but at the same time, I can't... My eyes feel dry. *rubs them* I feel like I'm forgetting something, too. But since there's no school tomorrow, I figured I'd worry about stuff tomorrow. Gonna clean my room so I can get my desk chair back (I moved it into my brothers' room so I could put together my bookshelf and never took it back XD;;)

Well, I guess I'll stop here, then. Ja ne.