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Been a Long Day...

Yep, I'm tired. Merry Christmas y'all (for another 30 minutes XD) I'll talk about my Christmas tomorrow... Ja mata... Zzzzz XDDD

Dad's Condition Again

Well, they moved him to a different room. Last time I thought he was already in the ICU, but it turned out he was just then moved out of the emergency room into the ICU. This time, he's nearby the ICU, I believe. I'm going with my mom tomorrow to see him. I had made plans to go ice skating before this, but I don't even feel like I want to right now. I was invited to a party this Thursday, too, but I wonder if I even want to go to that... I never get invited to parties... Or I didn't really, I wasn't popular in high school, but I didn't really care too much. *is ranting*

Anyway... Um, he's been having issues with his kidney and they were talking about the possibility of having him go through a dialysis. I don't really know how to explain it, so if you don't know what that is, just go google it... Sorry to be a bit harsh, but I don't really feel like explaining... But it's been confirmed that he'll have to have one tomorrow... He hasn't had to go through all this the past times when he was in the hospital, so I wonder if he really is giving up...? I don't know what to do, since he's rather stubborn, and with the short-term memory loss, he wouldn't remember things much, I don't think... And if he does remember certain things, he's not the type of person to talk about things... ARGH! My father makes me so frustrated sometimes. I always in the past wished he'd open up more, but he's just so stubborn... Half the reason I'd been getting neck/shoulder tension is because I was getting so frustrated with his childish behavior. *sigh* I'm mad at him, but I don't want him to go through all this stuff... I wish God would tell him he's acting like a child sometimes and to hurry up and get better on all fronts. =;_;= Argh... orz All this is so stupid... why couldn't he have not had a seizure? Why couldn't he just improve? Why couldn't he be around for Christmas time? At this rate, he's going to miss another Christmas. And now I'm getting all tensed up again... orz

I want to cry about a lot of things. Some are probably pettier than my dad being in the hospital, but are still kinda vital for a human being, in a sense. Some regard my own future. I feel like I can't do much, but I'm doing what I can. *sigh* I don't wanna rant about this to you guys and bring you all down... I'm not really on the verge of tears, but I guess all this stuff just kinda comes out once I start typing. I'd like to stop now, because the more I think about it, the more tense I become...

I'mma go... I dunno... ""orz Ja ne...


I finished that surprise thingy X3 *is tired* XD

I'm going to be out for the rest of the day X3 Gonna go visit dad in the hospital. They moved him out of the Extreme ICU to the Less Extreme ICU X3 Then after that, gonna go see Tron Legacy with my bros and meeting a friend there =3 We're getting to know each other. Even though we were in the same graduating class, we never spoke once D=

So I shall ttyl =3 Ja ne~

An Update

Kay, I've just heard that my dad was awake yesterday and when they asked him who my mother was, he answered correctly. =) He kinda forgot that his brother and sister were there =^_^;= But at least he's awake now =3 I'll most likely be going to visit him myself tomorrow now that my finals are done =3

Thank you everyone for praying and asking about his health =^_^= It's means a lot and you guys are wonderful. =)

Dad's Condition

Well, dad's still in the hospital. He hasn't opened his eyes yet, but he's seems like he's somewhat responding when people talk to him. Not like talking back, but moving his hand and whatnot. I heard he has pneumonia. But he just need some time to rest and recover and I'm sure he'll get past it. =^_^= But that really sucks... I'm not even entirely sure what pneumonia is, to be honest, so I'mma look it up after this is posted. All I know is he's sick.

Not much has changed. I'll update on this again when something has happened