Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. I'm also open to requests and art trades. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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I Got a DeviantArt! =D

I finally got a deviantArt account! And I already found my first favorite! X3 Hahaha at first sight of a hot guy, my undivided attention will be provided. XD

So even tho I'll pretty much put up there, whatever I put up here, I hope those here who have DA accounts (and even if you don't...) stop by and take a look around. =^_^= Maybe this can start me on the path to commissions. Maybe not. But I'll be as positive as I can and just enjoy having an extra gallery. X3

I got thru my first week of classes... I'm panicking a little because of my lack of software and that I would like to have it so I can take care of my homework in a timely matter. Mostly because I've gotten my first actual strict professor since I've gotten to college (well, there was my physics professor, but even he wasn't as bad...). Well, I say this, but he's not thaaaat bad, I guess. He just kinda made my sweat run cold like in the first 10 min of class. I thought for a moment he was gonna drop me from the class because I didn't take the prerequisite but I am taking it at the same time. I found out that was okay, so I'm still in the class. It's hyrid, so we only meet every 2 weeks, but he wants us to adhere to a schedule for our work with no late work NO EXCEPTIONS! I mean, it's not like I would intentionally turn in wor late, but he's pulling a really tight leash and it's making me feel a bit pressured... I feel as though I may not be able to live up to the expectations, or moreso that I might slip up and miss something I didn't see. He scares me, even though I don't mean it in a bad way. I'm just kinda really intimidated. =O_O= So, I hope I can get the software for that class at the very least. I need Dreamweaver CS3 for it, but Adobe.com has been failing me recently... I can't get photoshop CS4, which I need for my other class, either... I'll feel so much better if I have the software. That, and a better internet connection. GAh! I'm starting to fweak out! =@_@=

I'd like to relax over the weekend, but I don't really feel like I can until I either

A) Get the software I need on my computer (preferred)


B) Go up to campus and use one of the labs to finish up this weeks work so I have a clean slate.

All I need to do in Prof Scary's class is take the quiz and I believe that's all for the week... but something tells me I should finish up the Dreamweaver classroom in a book lesson too. Not just for that class, but so I know how to use it for another class... Adobe... why hast thou forsaken me? =TT_TT=

That's all the freaking out for now... if I can calm down a bit, maybe I can get back to work on gunArt-chan's prize... If I take a day, the first one should be finished. That's all for now. Ja mata ne.

And the Winners Are...

Here it is! The moment you've all been waiting for! The Winners are...

3. In third place is... gunArt! With the entry of the original character DrabQuiel. To be honest, no one needed to actually make an original chracter for this challenge, but gunArt went the extra mile... and handrew the whole thing! Just look at the entry and marvel at the detail and hard work put into that. Nice work, gunArt!

2. For second place we have... Koji Sujimoto! Entering a very well rendered artwork of everyone's favorite anti-social bad boy, Sesshomaru! The background is particularly eye-catching and extremely detailed. Koji-san even took the time to put little mushrooms on the tree! Now that's dedication! Kudos, Koji Sujimoto!

1. And in the coveted first place is... Namihazure Sama! Entering that oh-so-squeeable, oh-so-adorable, Alphonse Elric! Who could resist that expression? And Nami-san even put a chibi version of herself squee-ing in the bg! It's just chock-full o' squee! And a very well interpreted piece of art. Congratulations, Namihazure Sama!

And those are the winners! It was very close. I had a hard time choosing. You all gave me such interesting and cute and awesome entries! But that's not the end of it! Read on to see if you got an honorable mention!

Most Adorable: The hon-men for "Most Adorable" goes to... Bluesen12! For her entry NOM NOM NOM! It's just too cute! X3 Nice concept there, Blue!

Cool BG: The "Cool BG" hon-men goes to... monochromexii! Welcome to NYK has an interesting way of showing the skyscrapers. I'm not sure what technique was used, but it sure looks cool!

Best Yaoi Pair: The "Best Yaoi Pair" hon-men goes to... inuonlyone! A lot of people know the Loveless series, but inuonlyone managed to capture their relationship expertly! Feel the burn coming of Ritsuka's blushing cheeks! XD

We Can Relate: The "We Can Relate" hon-men goes to... CanChaN525! I'm sure we've all got at least one character we'd like to see in real life. CanChaN-chan make that clear with her rendering of a squee moment over the Hidan/Kakuzu pair on a mission right before her eyes! You're giving us all hope that, we too, can meet our anime idols! XD

Most Original Idea of Squee: The one who gets the long title hon-men XD is... Alchemic Mushroom! Now I've heard of a lot of things to go squee over, but a loli doll never even crossed my mind! Way to be original, Mushroom-san!

Well-Red Award: The Well-"Red" award goes to... Wakusei Aoshi! With an abundant use of the color red without overpowering the picture, this handsome suited man has the girls faces turning that very same color! *French accent* Because red is indeed... ze color of love! X3

Best Pencil Drawing: The hon-men for Best Pencil Drawing goes to... IChiTa! This pencil drawing of Raven has a lot. From not only the character but also some funky symbols and designs in the bg. It's very well shaded. Go IChiTa!

Well that's all of the honorable mentions. I wish all of you could win, but there's only 3 slots and quite frankly, the school year's starting soon. XD I may be starting another challenge soon. I'd like to hear from those of you who participated in this challenge and see if there's any improvements I can make for next time, though. Like a lack of info, or a longer deadline. Just let me know.

Again to those who won, congratulations! You can send me a PM and we'll discuss your prizes. =^_^= And to those who didn't, better luck next time! I look forward to what you all can bring to the table!

Challenge Complete!

Okay so the challenge is over and all entries are now final. I will spend Saturday morning reviewing the entries for winners and special recognitions. The winners will be announced Saturday evening (most likely somewhere around 10 or 11pm). So keep an eye peeled!

Good luck to the entrants!

Clean Room, Manga Pages, Challenge Entries, etc...

Okie dokey. Well I spent most of the morning passed out. Why? I have no idea. I was just kinda tired. After that, I just went to cleaning my room on a whim. My brothers were cleaning the basement, my mom: the livig room. So I figured, why not join in and clean up my room. It's been been a mess for ages. I also got my dad to straighten up his room (he pretty much just sits around watching TV). So it was a triumph over dust today! X3

I've been doing some work on some manga pages, but nothing's ready for upload just yet. I have 3 inked pages of KiDa and two layouts dones for the same. I also did the layout for a FulCur page. All in all, I'd say that productiviy is up a bit. I find I can get a page drawn faster so long as I know what goes on it. Also, I'm rethinking how Chapter 6 of Kitty Days is going to go. While it's a ways off, it will affect how all of volume 2 will be organized... tabun... But everything in volume 1 is pretty much the same. I can worry more about future chapters later. Since I spent all day cleaning, I didn't get any more manga done. Bummer. But now I can work in a clean environment.

I also plan to do some entries for some challenges. One I should work on tomorrow since the deadline is close. I may not enter one of the ones that I was considering, though... it's debatable.

Speaking of deadlines, don't forget the deadline for the "What Makes You 'Squee?'" challenge is this Friday. There's still a little time left for you to enter! =^_^= I'll be announcing the winners here on Saturday by midnight, so be sure check back on Sunday to see if you won!

So good luck on that! I'll be getting some well-deserved rest now. =~w~=

Driver's License Obtained! =D

I got it today! (Well, technically yesterday...) I passed without really any complication during the test. However... my picture looks like a mug shot! =TT_TT= A lot of people don't like their picture, but I'll tell you this... I didn't like the picture on my permit because it looked like I'd been smoking something... (which I hadn't, I don't smoke) This pic was WORSE. =O_O= I'd forgotten to take out my gum, so I was still unconsciously chewing it. I'm used to the people who tell you to smile before they take your pic, right? Well, I had noooo forewarning, just "CLICK" and then, "Huh...? =o.o=" And she didn't even offer a retake (which would've been done at the BMV I usually go to...). I was tired so my brain wasn't operating properly and I didn't think to ask for a retake... To make matters worse, my mom told me that the lady who took it was showing it to another lady there behind my back! At first she thought "Oh, she's just showing her how cute she is..." but when I showed it to her she was like, "Oh... geez... =O~O="

We're going to our normal BMV on Saturday to get it changed. We would've gone there for the test, but they don't do the driver's test there... *sigh* Could be worse, but it was really kind of a bummer after completing everything. =v.v= I wonder why some people might do that sort of thing, but if she was really being mean, it'll come back to her in time. I'm not gonna stir things up, at least not for this. I'll find out if it will really cost $5 to replace and if it's too much... I guess I'm stuck with a mug shot for 6 years... =TT_TT= I can't even look at it...

Alright, I'm done whining... There are people who are going thru worse than I am who could use comforting. Also, if you have any questions about the "Squee" challenge, you can leave a commet here or at the challenge or even send a pm. Until next post.