Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. I'm also open to requests and art trades. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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A little emo...

I'm feeling a tad bit emo at the moment... I feel like I might come off as too desperate and that ruins my chances. I never feel like I know for sure. People I know (except for my bff) are too nice to let me know, or at least the ones that stuff is directed at... *sigh* Sa na...

Ah well! I just neeeded to get that off my chest! =^_^= I'm gonna go home and watch some Neon Genesis Evangelion. =D

Later y'all!

P.S. My senior project is a manga! lol

April Fool's Joke... =o_O=

I can't say I'm very amused with all the Edward. I wanted to see the movie and haven't yet, fine... I planned to read the book, okay... but now... MY PRECIOUS AVATAR HAS BEEN SOILED!!! =TT_TT=

When I first saw it, I was like "Wtf? =o_O= Something's different here... OMG! =O__O;=" He's cute, yes, but one can only take so much Edward before it gets old... =-_-"=

Well, I got my wish, I odn't have to be in class or do anything today because the program that we use (3DS Max) is not liscensed anmore or something... Yay! I mean... aw... =-_;=

I've been feeling kind of bored and unmotivated lately. Like I don't want to get up or do anything. I don't like the feeling. It's empty. And not very fun. =o.o=

Ja, Mata ne.


I'm just copying and pasting what I put on my my-O page:

Yeah, I didn't get to go. It was very touch and go, too.

Well, we were all going to go bowling Thursday, but then Brat tells me she can't go because her mom's taking her out and that was the only day she could do it. Then I thought I couldn't go because it was supposed to be the three of us, but then decided mayb I should take advantage of the situation and still meet More (the guy she works with). That was okay by him, but then when I told my mom about it, she instantly said no. I was upset about that (by this time, I had already sent a message telling More to move it to another day). I went back and talked to my mom and managed to compromise (it wasn't really a compromise because I had planned to do what she wanted in the first place) she wasn't comfortable with me hanging otu with someone I'd never met (or more appropriately that she'd never met), and that he'd have to come inside so she could meet him. So once that smoothed over, there was still the matter of the message I sent saying to call it off. He asked me if I was sure and said that we could do something closer to my home if distance was an issue so long as I felt comfortable (aw...). So we made plans to go to the Showplace.

So the moment of truth... I'm waiting for him to show up and I'm all ready to go see something funny or cool or whatever. And after I had waited for 30 minutes, Brat calls me and tells me he couldn't go because his mom found out about a speeding ticket he got and wouldn't let him borrow the car. I believed that (could happen to anyone), but I was disappointed to not go after getting hyped up about it.

*sigh* It's a curse. I'm not going to give up all hope or anything, it's just a little irritating that this sort of thing hapens all the time. Plus, I wanted to get out and do something fun. And I wanted to finally meet this More guy. There's always next time.

Well, it's late, so I'll be stopping here. Ja Mata Ne.

Well, he says we should get together and do something soon. =^_^= I hope we can, I'd like to meet him and see if he's really as cute and cool in person as Brat says he is. =^w^= Wish meh luck, though I won't really hope for luck because I'm not to worried. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I mean I just feel cool about the whole thing... Am I making sense? =o.o=

I'll be doing a T-shirt design for one of my classes. Well two. It's our first main project. I have a pretty good idea of how I want one to look, but we have to do some sketches beore we can really get going.

Sorry, I haven't been working on FTL or anything. At the moment I'm trying to get over a candle induced headache. Earth hour is fine and all, but I shouldn't have tried to read manga by candle-light... =-.-"=

That'll be all for now. Usually I rant more about my personal problems on my-O, since it's more like a diary than anything. Ja Mata Ne. =^_^=

Stuff (and a contest)

I'm going to make this thing I went through short:

1. Had a crush on this guy since freshman year (college) (I'm a junior now)
2. This year, I've started talking to him
3. Asked him to hang out over Spring Break
4. Found out from a friend that he has a gf
5. Now in obscurity

That's pretty much what I went through over the past couple of days. I didn't feel like going into too much detail today.

Also, I'm working on my entry for Blue-chan's "The Silver Moth" contest. It's drawn and scanned, so now I need to color it. The deadline for the contest is April 15 (no exceptions!). If you want more details and would like to participate go to Blue-chan's contest world to find out about it.

I got Photoshop CS2 and discovered a few stamp patterns, so I'd like to try a few out.

Also, it seems today is my four year anniversary for being an otaku member. =^_^= It's been that long, huh? I didn't prepare anything special, though. Gee... Well, next year it'll be 5 and maybe I can do something big for that, huh? =^_^=

Well I'm going back into my Spring Break obscurity (I'm not really depressed, just a little sad and I feel kinda stupid...) and work on my contest entries and manga stuffs... I need to flesh out my portfolio for one of my classes, so it'll be like killing two birds with one stone.

Night people. Find love now, ya hear? =o.O=

Short Ho-hum Postie... =owo=

I'm getting more pages of FTL done bit by bit... I don't think anything new is going to come up for the class that I'm in right now, so I think I can do a little inking on the pages I have drawn. I know... it would make more sense to continue as I was and update them as they get finished, right? Eh, well it's just me wanting to get things done. I'll work faster if I feel like people are waiting for it. If I update a few pages, I'll feel like people are appeased and get a little lazy... =~w~= Ahaha

I watched episodes 1-3 of PaniPoni Dash! and have 2 episodes of something called "Shounen Onmyouji" that I have yet to watch.

I got a little laid-back after fuinishing this one big assignment for one class and forgot that there are assignments due every week after that... =~v~= Ahaha... Gotta get crackin...

Alrighty, until next post!