Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. I'm also open to requests and art trades. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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I Made Rice Balls!!! =D

I spent the whole morning (well, maybe not the whole morning...) making some onigiri! I got the recipe from JustHungry.com, but I used the easier, no hands directions that's perfect for beginners.

They came out great! Here's a pic:

The ones on top are chicken-filled and the ones on the bottom have pickles in them. There were two more of the chicken-filled ones, but two of my brothers had already tried some. =^_^;= Lol They loved 'em! All three of my brothers loved them. I liked the chicken one better than the pickle one, mostly because I prefer my pickles juicier, so next time I'll see how juicy I can keep them without the onigir falling apart. Also, I'm contemplating more types of fillings, like boiled eggs and mustard (I love mustard). The directions say that the best fillings are the kind that are very dray and salty, so that they keep well. However, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I also want to try some sweet fillings, like jam or fruit with honey.

I'm really happy that my first rice balls turned out well. Next I'd like to try making dango, or rice-flour dumplings with a sweet-savory sauce. It'll be a bit more difficult to get ahold of the two different types of flour, tho. I got lucky when looking for the nori seaweed to wrap my onigiri because it was at Meijers. I may be able to get at least one type of flour from there, anyway.

I hope to be able to try making plenty of Japanese foods. Maybe I'll even be able to make a traditional obento (boxed lunch). Wish me luck, then! =^_^=

No Update... =v_v=

Sorry peepal, but for tonight there won't be an FTL update. I had things to take care of and was very tired. So instead I uploaded a card, tho it may not be viewable yet. Well, one way or another, I'll update tomorrow.

Also, I'm changing the name of this world from "KT's World" to "KD's World." One reason for this is because the latter is actually my intials. The other main reason is because there is already a "Kitsune Tsuki" on theotaku... I had not really thought that anyone else would come up with the name and had planned to use that as my pseudonym when I became a mangaka, but she chose the name for the same reason I did. =^_^= Ahaha we may be kindred spirits in that sense, but seeing as how she actually chose the name first, I have to conceed.

'Side's... I can always use my character's name as my pseudonym, since the English meaning is just as cool as Kitsune Tsuki (which would roughly mean "Fox Moon"). Ahaha might not fit since I use a cat as my alter ego. So I can always use "Tsuki Keri" (which I believe may mean "Moon warrior") since it sounds closr to an actual Japanese name that someone could have. It also sounds perfect for a mangaka. Unlike my real name... I could use it if push comes to shove, but I would feel better with a pseudonym. Y'know? =o.O= Also, "Keri" would be how my real name is pronounced in Japan, anyway, so I'm not technically lying, right? =^_^= lol

Oh, and I'll be taking the test to get my actual driver's license in about 2 weeks. It's finally come, huh? Guess I couldn't avoid it forever. =^_^= 'side's, if I get my license, there's no rule that says I have to use it, but I know I'm going to get sent to do errands once I do. I haven't drien without another person in the car before, so I'll get lonely... and also self-conscious. But, I have to get my license first... I'm nervous. I do fine enough, but to have someone judge you and that there's something riding on it makes it more nerve-racking. I'll do what I can...

Well, I posted more than I had originally intended. That's all then =^_^;= Ja mata ne.


Just a quick post to let everybody know I made it back to the states safely. =^_^= Back to business now... =^.^;= lol

Going to the Bahamas

Well, I leave this Saturday for the Bahamas (well, first Orlando, then from there, Bahamas). I know I'm going to be super nervous about going on a plane for the first time.

I'm also thinking about an old classmate fom high school that I'd recently been talking to/flirting with online. We hung out on Monday, and I had a pretty good time. I think somewhere when I managed to make eye contact for the 15th time I might be falling a bit... Now I can't stop thinking about him... =TT_TT= We were supposed to hang out today (technically yesterday), but things happened to cancel the plans... I wonder if maybe I might've done something to come on too strong? Or maybe my love karma isn't straight... Who knows? I wanted to see him before I left, but I guess I'll have to go an entire week and then some suffering in paradise. lol =^_^= Too bad that it has to happen so close to the date... I'm going to feel like crap for the next day or two depending on what happens in between now and then. All I've been thinking is... it's probably too soon to tell him I like him, even though I had a small crush on him in high school... *sigh* I can only pray that things go in the right direction for once considering my love life. I get tired of tiny pieces of my heart breaking off with each disappointment.

On a lighter note, there'll be plenty of lovely water to look at and swim in. And I get my own room at the villa. I'm not going there for love, just because I may not get another chance. It's too late now to say I won't be tagging along... Non-refundable airline ticket... *shrugs* Not that I would now...

Hopefully it will be a nice fun time and we'll all make it there and back home safely and with all our stuff intact. =^_^= See you guys in over a week, as I will not be bringing my laptop =;_;= Happy trails! *puts on sunglasses* I'm goin' sunbathin'! XD

An Urge Needs Attending

I have this insatiable desire to do something... I've had this desire for a while now, but it's been stronger. Now I can't really hold back on it anymore. (Get your minds out of the gutter, perverts! It's not that kind of urge! XD)

You all may see the result of this desire put into action... you may not... For now, it's a secret =^_~= But I'll give you a hint. It's something I've talked about doing before, but said I wasn't going to do before something else was done. However, acting upon this urge will break the promise that I made before. I kinda don't care, though. I want to do this as soon as possible so it will be out in the open and of the way. The contract that I made before shall become null and void upon the updation of this new endeavor.

So, slower than your educators have done... Clearer than your parents could have done... Let me be your News Flash! X3 I love Zed. =^_^= But choosing between Zed and Rudy is difficult... Oh, I'm talking about Wild Arms--Alter Code: F. (Just so you know, this has nothing to do with the aforementioned "endeavor...") They both have wonderful qualities... I wouldn't be able to choose... =O^O=

That's all for now. Hope I finish this endeavor so you all can finally know! =>w<=