Hello there. =^^= Kitty here. Welcome to my site. Feel free to look around. Please read my rants and comment if you have the time. Also, keep an eye out for any manga or fanart updates. If you'd like to chat, feel free to pm me. I'd be happy to talk. I'm also open to requests and art trades. Enjoy. =^^=

Other than that, if you don't mind my rants, then read on.

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Going to the Bahamas

Well, I leave this Saturday for the Bahamas (well, first Orlando, then from there, Bahamas). I know I'm going to be super nervous about going on a plane for the first time.

I'm also thinking about an old classmate fom high school that I'd recently been talking to/flirting with online. We hung out on Monday, and I had a pretty good time. I think somewhere when I managed to make eye contact for the 15th time I might be falling a bit... Now I can't stop thinking about him... =TT_TT= We were supposed to hang out today (technically yesterday), but things happened to cancel the plans... I wonder if maybe I might've done something to come on too strong? Or maybe my love karma isn't straight... Who knows? I wanted to see him before I left, but I guess I'll have to go an entire week and then some suffering in paradise. lol =^_^= Too bad that it has to happen so close to the date... I'm going to feel like crap for the next day or two depending on what happens in between now and then. All I've been thinking is... it's probably too soon to tell him I like him, even though I had a small crush on him in high school... *sigh* I can only pray that things go in the right direction for once considering my love life. I get tired of tiny pieces of my heart breaking off with each disappointment.

On a lighter note, there'll be plenty of lovely water to look at and swim in. And I get my own room at the villa. I'm not going there for love, just because I may not get another chance. It's too late now to say I won't be tagging along... Non-refundable airline ticket... *shrugs* Not that I would now...

Hopefully it will be a nice fun time and we'll all make it there and back home safely and with all our stuff intact. =^_^= See you guys in over a week, as I will not be bringing my laptop =;_;= Happy trails! *puts on sunglasses* I'm goin' sunbathin'! XD

An Urge Needs Attending

I have this insatiable desire to do something... I've had this desire for a while now, but it's been stronger. Now I can't really hold back on it anymore. (Get your minds out of the gutter, perverts! It's not that kind of urge! XD)

You all may see the result of this desire put into action... you may not... For now, it's a secret =^_~= But I'll give you a hint. It's something I've talked about doing before, but said I wasn't going to do before something else was done. However, acting upon this urge will break the promise that I made before. I kinda don't care, though. I want to do this as soon as possible so it will be out in the open and of the way. The contract that I made before shall become null and void upon the updation of this new endeavor.

So, slower than your educators have done... Clearer than your parents could have done... Let me be your News Flash! X3 I love Zed. =^_^= But choosing between Zed and Rudy is difficult... Oh, I'm talking about Wild Arms--Alter Code: F. (Just so you know, this has nothing to do with the aforementioned "endeavor...") They both have wonderful qualities... I wouldn't be able to choose... =O^O=

That's all for now. Hope I finish this endeavor so you all can finally know! =>w<=

Decision and Requests

I think I've decided what to do with Gunner. I am loathe to do so, but I may just make him the villain of the manga that I have to do for my senior project. I really like this random character that popped into my head one day... but the way he's developed seems to fit what I need him for... I wanted him to be a good guy, but for now, he'll need to be bad. I could always have him be good later... lol.

Also, I'm available for requests. I'd like a little something new to do other than possibly developing characters for my senior project. I can do sketch, lineart, or full color if you like. All I ask is that you give a little thought to what it is you want. It's a bit inconveniencing to say "I want you to draw something, but I don't know what I want." Going on a vague request is daunting... If you don't know right offhand, but know that you want me to draw something, send me a pm and we can work something out together.

Also, I'm supposed to be going to the Bahamas this July, but my passport hasn't come yet. I would think that's good news (I'm not too fond of the idea of going on a plane, since I've never been... not that I remember anyway.), but if I don't go, my grandma doesn't get a refund on her ticket. Well, she could if I were seriously ill or dead (I'm definitely not doing the latter! =o_O;=), but I don't think that can happen. So, I guess I have to suck it up for a week and go on vacation (everyone thinks I'm weird for not wanting to go... I guess I can see why). The tickets are also non-transferable, so I have to go after the passport's arrived. I had been thinking lately that a vacation might be very nice, I always draw better in a different venue. It's just the airplane thing that I'm worried about, but I'm also excited about it. Being on a plane for a few hours, I can do nothing but draw (and the free food! I think...) so I look forward to that aspect. I have to keep a vicious hunter's instinct about me to keep my artwork safe though. As a rule, I always keep it on my person if I take it with me. Since laptop bags are allowed, I think I may put it in there. Though, I should leave my laptop at home (nooo! Lappy! =TT_TT= Yes... I named it. lol).

Well, I should stop here before this post becomes a novel. Sayonara for now!

On second thought...

I like the internet too much to stay away for that long. I'll probably be on, but I'll wind up getting off if I get too tired from the medication. I'll be loooooopy! X3 Plus, I also wanna talk to my new guy friend. =^_^= I shouldn't say it with a smile like that since he's taken, but I waited 3 years to work up the courage to say something to this guy and were finally talking. I'm happy about it, taken or not. I just have ignore whatever happens to him as a bf to another girl, that's all, but still keeping in mind that anything more than friendship is out of the question.

Well, I've got the artistic spark, so I'm off to do some drawing and/or coloring. Ta-ta!

Leave of Abscence... =;_;=

I got back from the doctor's today. I'll be taking pain relievers, nasal spray, and muscle relaxant for my tense shoulder and neck and congestion. The relaxants are supposed to be taken at night because they'll make me extremely drowsy and loopy. :/ Even now, though, I'm getting dizzy from the nasal spray... I'm very prone to dizzyness...

I made a "How well do you know me?" quiz on my facebook because a friend (also a bit of a crush, but he has a gf =;_;=) made one. Surprisingly, I got 4 out of 10 right on his and I didn't think I'd do that well. I'm wondering how people will do on it... COme to think of it, I forgot to send out the challenges so maybe I should do that before I get offline.

I'll be doing some drawing in the time that I'm not on. I may come on occassionally, but I guess I can't be on late for a couple weeks... =TT_TT= That's my best time to be on! Well, at least my spark is back and I have a couple ideas of what I want to draw and put up.

See you all in two weeks if not sooner! I miss theo already... (I don't think I should let my email go for 2 weeks, tho or the horoscopes will back up D:)